Light Water
白青 (Shiro Ao)
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Light and Water is an allied multicolored combination of two civilizations, the Light Civilization and the Water Civilization.


Both civilizations are allied with each other so the cards share a particularly strong synergy, especially in terms of generally defensive cards and Blockers. The civilizations' common enemy is the Fire Civilization.

Notable sets for dual-color Light and Water civilization cards include:

Notable races for Light and Water civilization cards include:


Cards that support cards that are both Light and Water

Support Card: Card Effect:
Bonbin, Table Tennis Ball ■ When you put a creature that is both light and water into the battle zone, or cast a spell that is both light and water, choose one of your opponent's creatures and tap it.

List of Light and Water cards

 ■ Acropad, Rainbow Dash
 ■ Amarin, Electro Star Tree Q
 ■ Aqua Skydiver
 ■ Belufare, Great Cathedral
 ■ Belufare, Starlight's Melody
 ■ Belufare, Time Palace
 ■ Blazing Armstrong
 ■ Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian
 ■ Border Melon, Watermelon Ball
 ■ Byoito, Holy Cyber Protector
 ■ Chai and Silk, Familia's Light Machine
 ■ Colorful Bell, Great Sound
 ■ Concentric Battler, the Great Conductor
 ■ Daedarion, Dragon Elemental Machine King
 ■ Deis Bulldozer
 ■ Deis Optimus, the Invincible
 ■ Dellinder, Machine Admiral
 ■ Doremi, Time 1
 ■ Doremi 24, Miracle 1
 ■ Doremi Redo, Time 1
 ■ Doremi Twelve, Time 1
 ■ El Destorade, Dragonic Meteor of Taiga
 ■ El Dorado, Spirit of Taiga
 ■ El Kaiou, Spirit Mecha King
 ■ Electro Explorer Syrion
 ■ Estol, Vizier of Aqua
 ■ Fasola, Time 2
 ■ Fasola 24 and Sido 24, Miracle Combo
 ■ Fasola Twelve, Time 2
 ■ Glaris, Electro-Spirit
 ■ Glory Hammer
 ■ Guard in the Shell
 ■ Haileader, Play Music / Melody 3 「Temptation」
 ■ Hatchaki
 ■ Healing Princessmedic
 ■ Holyend, Destiny Dragon Armored / Now or Never
 ■ Hope from Sunset
 ■ I Am Justice If You Want
 ■ Kariyadone, Magic Library / Hermit Circle
 ■ Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental
 ■ Keroyon Quartet
 ■ King Surprise, Spirit of the Heavenly Sea
 ■ Knights of Cobalt, Protean Elemental
 ■ Last Avatar, Poseidon Dragon Spirit
 ■ Lightning Sword Paladin
 ■ Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom
 ■ Loyalty, Izanai's Light Machine
 ■ Lulufura, Sound Elemental
 ■ Mage of Cursebreaker
 ■ Magin Crossnome, the Masked
 ■ Mahozun, Priest Dragon Elemental
 ■ Majestic Star, the Electro-Apocalyptic
 ■ Mauriel, Nine Extremes Elemental
 ■ Mecha Crawler Tornadah
 ■ Mechanical Watchdog
 ■ Medicalar Cobalt Kaiser / Eyed Wise Shutter
 ■ Mil Armor, Mecha King Vizier
 ■ Miracle Star, Heaven Revolutionary Knight Emperor
 ■ Miracle Star, Time Caster
 ■ Miradante, Divine Pope
 ■ Miradante Twelve, Time Pope
 ■ Mother Alien
 ■ Mr. Aqua
 ■ Nevergiveup Ring
 ■ Nova! Belunare
 ■ Parif, Shell Beast / Twinkle Flash
 ■ Paruten, Sealed Grave / Third of the Six Bizarre ~Water with Will~
 ■ Peru Pere, Viral Guardian
 ■ Prodigy, the Finest God
 ■ Rafululu, Sound Faerie
 ■ Rich Police Cash!
 ■ Ringal, Blue Voice Dragon Elemental
 ■ Royalwan, Sagely Dog Elemental
 ■ Serenade, Holy Sage Dragon Elemental
 ■ Shackle Armor, Fuuma Saint
 ■ Sido, Time 3
 ■ Sido Twelve, Time 3
 ■ Skypeace, Rainbow Builders
 ■ Solo Trooper
 ■ Superstar Halberd
 ■ Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua
 ■ Torakuru, Play Music / Melody 5 「Sound Tornado」
 ■ Una Arana, Neptune Spirit
 ■ Victory Sentinel
 ■ Walmiel, Electro-Sage
 ■ Wheel, Viral Knight
 ■ White Cry, Rainbow Color Dragon Elemental
 ■ Zaovanine Kaiser
 ■ 「Raijin-Oh Kenzan!」

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