Light Darkness
白黒 (Shiro Kuro)
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Light and Darkness is an enemy multicolored combination of two civilizations, the Light Civilization and the Darkness Civilization.


Both civilizations are hostile with each other.

Notable sets for dual-color Light and Darkness civilization cards include:

List of Light and Darkness cards

 ■ Ashliger, Holy Dark Beast
 ■ Auzesu, the Demonic Holy Spirit
 ■ Balforce, the Demonic Holy Spirit
 ■ Barian, Strange Stone / Highrisk Pendulum
 ■ Bega, Vizier of Shadow
 ■ Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper
 ■ Big Day Out, Holy Evil Demon
 ■ Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight
 ■ Breiga, the Wicked Protector
 ■ Codename Sherlock
 ■ Deis Cupid, Ranger of Gaia
 ■ Delskiyan, Spirit of Heaven Descent
 ■ Eagle Cargo, Guardian Treasure
 ■ Gaius, Mystic Light Emperor
 ■ Gill Douglass, Evil Gaia Spirit
 ■ Gregorias, Mystic Light Death Saint
 ■ Gwem, Demonic Spirit Knight
 ■ Hunbolt, Demonic Holy Spirit
 ■ Inuhakka, Inga's Mamorukami
 ■ Izumo, Super Godkind
 ■ Izumo Returns, Counterattack God
 ■ Jealousy Shan, the Greedy
 ■ Joan of Arc, Goddess of Ruin
 ■ Kelbirem, the Deathknight Puppet
 ■ Khan, Misfortune Demon 30 / Okke Punch
 ■ Melcap, the Mutant Explorer
 ■ Nero Gryphis, Mystic Light Emperor
 ■ Orphe, Punishment God
 ■ Pepper, Oracle Guardian
 ■ Retisha, Guide of Victory
 ■ Rising Sun, Holy Evil Elemental
 ■ Saga, God of Destruction
 ■ Shantsuai, Inga's Transgression
 ■ Silt, Blue Defense Silver / Killer Tune
 ■ Spectral Worm Giunair
 ■ Spice Queens, Inga's Holy Evil
 ■ Sukima De Meer / Welcome to ~ here...!
 ■ Supername Sherlock
 ■ Tenma Jao / Mometi Asachi
 ■ Tumeric, Floating Apparition
 ■ Zanbara, Masked Vizier
 ■ Zeek Calibas, the Fuuma Holy Dragon
 ■ Zorro Star, Izanai's Right God
 ■ Zorro Star, Izanai's Tactician

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