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Light Civilization
ひかり (Hikari)


Central City, the Light capital,
is located high above the clouds.
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The Light Civilization Light.png is a monocolored civilization.


It is distinguished by a yellow color frame and is represented by an icon of 3 circles composed of several smaller circles.


The Light Civilization focuses mainly on adding cards into shield zones, tapping the opponent's creatures as well as the best creatures that have the ​Blocker Blocker ability. Many of the high-ranking blockers also can attack and unlike the Water civilization attacking blockers, had ample power to cost ratios.

Light is generally a defensive civilization and relies on blockers to guard the player while adding shields for defense. It can amass lightweight blockers and use Diamond State to have them rush the opponent suddenly, while cards such as Heaven's Gate can easily bring out it's heavyweight blockers to trample and control the field. It has only a few mana acceleration card and card draw options, however, but this is improving recently and light is sufficient to operate on its own. Higher ranking creatures are also known for their powerful lockdown abilities which directly connect to one's victory.

However, Light has no reliable removal methods other than tapping creatures and defeating them in a battle and this remains to be a weakness of the civilization.


The Light world is made up of midair colonies, rich with resources and sophisticated technology. Originally, it was a self-sustaining, self-sufficient society that managed to remain isolated and undisturbed by keeping the territory closed to outside communication and invasion. The Light world was the most peaceful, ideal place among all the civilizations.

Unfortunately, that peace was shattered when other civilizations lost their homelands and were forced to invade in order to survive. The Light civilization met this hostility by becoming increasingly involved in battles against those intruders. After watching their resources become rapidly depleted, they have since taken a more aggressive stance toward the outside world.

Light inhabitants make their homes above the clouds on a group of floating islands. Unfettered by gravity, the central city is surrounded by many small satellite colonies. All the structures are similarly oriented in a right-left or up-down symmetry and are built of alloys and energy fields.

The creatures of the Light civilization believe in order, conservatism, obedience, and eternity. They adhere to a strict hierarchy, with Light Bringers at the top of a highly developed system. Compared to the other civilizations, the population in the Light world is small, but the ability of each individual is significantly greater. Like their architecture, many creatures have shiny, symmetrical shapes, and hover in the air with their weapons close by.

Light creatures are often emotionless in the background story and simply follow orders to eradicate enemies or defend the civilizations. However, in Episode 1 due to the stance change of the game, they seemed to gain emotions for unknown reasons and speak emotionally like any other creature.

Dragon Saga

The Light Civilization is the first civilization that oppressed the fire civilization's domination. Their Leader is Everlast, Destiny King. When they first obtained the power of Draghearts, they fused their power with Light dragons and fused them with the Angel Commands, creating Angel Command Dragons.

However, Ariace, Dragon Edge, who was destroyed in an encounter with Gaiglen, was revived and started to doubt the "Justice" of the Light Civilization, and started to fall at heart.

After Everlast disappeared, the values of justice in the Light civilization began to fall. It was during this time that Aries found Joan Mizell, Revolution Spear, which claimed to dominate both justification and justice.

However, Everlast, who has been in a long meditation period, awakes and revives as Neverlast, Destiny Adoration. He aims to defeat The=Deadman, Dragon Edge for justice.

Due to Neverlast's revival, the light civilization is revived and back to position. Aries, saw this, united with Neverlast and eventually, the light civilization is united.

In order to defeat The=Deadman, the Water civilization requested the Light civilization to fight together. However, Neverlast refused, for he must defeat The true evil himself.

It was later known that Everrose and Everlast were friends and fought "Duel Masters" for the prosperity of the light civilization. However, suddenly, Everlast disappeared. However, in reality, Everlast was sealed by The=Deadman into a dragheart. Eventually, he was dragsolutioned. The person who dragsolutioned him was Everrose, his past companion. Then as he became Neverend, he never changes his destiny but his power is not enough alone. Then he realized that he must gather with other civilizations and each civilization gathered to fight The=Deadman.

After The=Deadman was defeated, Neverend departs with Heaven's Rosia and Heaven's Rosia said: "You will forever be my best friend". Neverend then said: "I will leave, but my friendship is eternal, and I will forever pursue justice." Then Heaven's Rosia enters the goal.

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After the fallout after Revolution Final, the light civilization became very similar to the light civilization in ancient times, being inhabited by non-organic creatures known as the Metallica. They live on top of the world pillar and are led by a one-eyed king known as Ov Sidia, an ominous-looking king that resembles a black diamond with 1 eye.

They are given the mission to protect other civilizations from darkness but mysteriously attacked the fire civilization at the bottom of the pillar which they are supposed to protect.

Interactions with the other civilizations

The Light Civilization is allied with Water as they both respect knowledge.

It is also allied with Nature as both respect life.

The Light Civilization is enemies with Darkness as both are mortal enemies who share conflicting beliefs and elements.

It is also enemies with Fire as Fire believes in emotions and passion instead of discipline and morals.


  • For a full list of cards that support Light cards, see here.


Shared Races:

Unique abilities


  • Light civilization creatures tend to have higher than usual power, usually 500 more than same-costed creatures from other civilizations.
  • While Light's MTG equivalent, White, is mostly consisted of humanoid, organic creatures such as Angels, Humans and Cat people, The Light Civilization in duel masters is mostly consisted of abstract, mechanical creatures until Dragon Saga where more organic-looking lifeforms such as Human-like creatures and Dragons are featured more widely.
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