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Family Benchan (Husband)
Voice Actor 奈波 果林

Lena was first introduced in the Duel Masters Versus season of the Duel Masters anime.


Duel Masters Versus

She was an ace student of Genius Middle School and a friend of Benchan. Like Benchan, she was also a duelist. She made her first appearance in episode 2. Benchan gave her his things before she walks off looking back to allow him to talk to Katta and his friends.

Lena Helping Benchan

She followed Benchan and watches him in the Lucifer World Cup. Before Benchan's match against Sasori, she gave hima good luck charm, wishing him the best in his duel. She was also present in the post tournament party with Katta and the others discussing about their future dueling plans. When Benchan collapses in episode 21 from exhaustion after working on his new card, Lena rushed to him. She then made her appearance together with Benchan in the card shop during Benchan's duel to gain a spot in the Nationals.

Lena comforting Benchan in Christmas Eve

Before Benchan's duel against Lucifer in the National tournament she along with Katta Kirifuda and the others followed him secretly to an abandoned warehouse, he was using his simulation system. Lena was aware about the system way beforehand and explained it to Katta and his friends. During Benchan's duel against Lucifer in Christmas Eve, she was shocked that Benchan lost to Lucifer despite getting an upper hand. Shen then met Benchan in the shopping mall to comfort him about his loss.

She later cheers for Katta in his duel against Gyou along with Benchan. During Valentine's Day, their chocolate got stolen by Bucchake and Erito, in which was retrieved after Lulu's win. She along with Erito and Benchan cheers for Katta in his final duel against Lucifer.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

She was targeted by a gang of delinquents before being attacked by Matarou. Benchan then carried her away from the scene.

After Duema Land was completely destroyed, she along with the group search for vital clues in Benny Haha's schemes.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final

She was seen with Benchan, approaching Kojiro's younger brothers and hears out their situation. She also sets off to America with Benchan.

7 years after Katta's final battle against Basara and Dormageddon X, she and Benchan were invited to Katta and Lulu's wedding. As an adult, she no longer wears glasses and her hair was shorter. After the wedding ceremony, she was quite surprised about Katta and Lulu's revelation of already having a kid when a 3 year old Joe Kirifuda was revealed to the group.

Lena offering Joe curry buns

When Joe was 8 and visited their home, Lena offers curry buns, in which Joe reluctantly accepts.