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はなれる (Hanareru)
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Leave is a general game term given for when a creature is removed from the battle zone by any method.


It refers to anything that removes a creature from the battle zone. It can be from Bounce, Mana Feed, Shield Feed or Deck Feed or from regular Removal.

Cards with a Destruction Substitution that uses "leave" instead of "destroyed" can be seen as stronger cards as they are harder to remove from the field as they trigger regardless of how they are tried to be removed.

Even if the creature under an evolution creature leaves the battle zone, the evolution creature still stays in the battle zone.

However, as "leave" does not work as a term by itself, it isn't a proper game term.

Some creatures have an Leave Trigger ability that triggers "When this creature leaves".

A Psychic Super Creature or a Dragheart Creature consisting of multiple cards that is removed by Card Removal does not count as a creature that is leaving the battle zone.


(Supernova Venus la Saint Mother is an example of a creature with the "leave" term.)

6 Supernova Venus la Saint Mother
Light Light.png / Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png

■ Galaxy Vortex evolution—Put on top of 3 of your creatures, whose race is Guardian, Great Mecha King, and/or Arc Seraphim.

■ Meteorburn—When this creature would leave the battle zone, you may put a card under this creature into your graveyard instead.

■ Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)



Support Card: Card Effect:
Tizoris, Emperor Dragon Armored ■ Each of your creatures' abilities that would trigger when your creatures are destroyed or when they would leave the battle zone, trigger twice instead.

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