Laminate Card
ラミネカード (Ramine Kādo)
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Laminate Card is a type of Foil Card.


It first appeared in DMC-51 Force of Dragon Entry Pack and DMC-52 Perfect Angel Entry Pack, and is a pattern of polygons (which are usually rainbow colored) scattered over the surface of the Card Frame, with a glossy appearance.

It was also used frequently for promotional cards for CoroCoro Comic and the magazine appendices. In other booster packs, it was seen on some cards in DMC-55 CoroCoro Legend 7, Miracle Cards after DM-36 Psychic Shock, and Visual Card.

If left like a normal foil card, it might warp slightly but as the card is slightly thicker, the warping should barely occur. Since fingerprints are easily applied, care must be taken to preserve the card quality.

This pattern is created by diffracting light with an uneven surface, with the processing method differing from foil. Damage to this pattern can cause the art to peel off, and these damaged cards shouldn't be used in official tournament regulation events.

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