Japanflag ラビリンス (Rabirinsu)
DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!
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Labyrinth is an ability word.


It is an ability that triggers when you have more shields than your opponent. It is similar to Holy Field, however can't be used if you have the same number of shields.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Labyrinth reads;

Labyrinth: TRIGGER, if you have more shields than your opponent, ABILITY


Rockcrusher, Earth's Wrath
Light / Creature / 4
Metallica / 3000+

■ Whenever this creature wins a battle, put the top card of your deck into your shields face down.

Labyrinth: If you have more shields than your opponent, this creature gets +3000 power and has "double breaker". (A creature that has "double breaker" breaks 2 shields.)


Cards with the Labyrinth ability

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