Civilization(s) LightLight.png DarknessDarkness.png
Voice Actor
Signature Card(s) Moon, Destruction, Satan and Angel
Nationality North Eurasia

Kouki is a character in the Duel Masters King series of the anime.


Kouki is a young man with short nearly bald hair, with the right side of his eye being covered by a light-blue cloth. He also had a light green face mask, shaped like a duck's bill obscuring his mouth. His clothing consists of a ninja's garb and a blue clothing wrapped around his shoulders. He seems to be fairly tall and lanky, being a head taller than Kira.


In the anime, Kouki was a war orphan who was born and thrown away. He was quickly thrown into the military, where a missile dropped into his telegraphing post and he was surrounded by enemy troops. He was shown instantly as Kouki during the first time Joe and Kira met him. As seen when Emma confesses to him, he originated from North Eurasia.

In the manga, he was an unscrupulous duelist known as "Kousen Shuu" who was defeated by Kira and brainwashed by Abaku Onifuda.

Duel Masters King

He was first encountered during a practice session between Joe Kirifuda and Kira, which was being interrupted by his pet wolf. He then approaches the two. Unlike Chouki and Saiki, he explicitly comes to defeat someone so he could steal what they loved the most. Unfortunately, he went hungry and the two took him to Lulu Kirifuda's cafe to eat.

Kouki initially takes a friendly demeanor on the two boys, speaking frankly on his past and being heavily attracted to every woman he meets possible, to the point he quite literally freezes on them. Before he leaves, he dropped a pendant displaying him and several military men, which Kira picks up. He manages to make friends with Kira and the boys go back to the King of Duematch arena, where Abaku Onifuda announces him as Kira's next foe. While initially determined and friendly, Emma Kobayashi (blonde hair) appears and confesses to Kira (despite having been confessed to Kouki on his victory), driving him completely insane. Kouki runs back to his prep room to chill out only for a spear to impale him across the wall. He breaks up the friendship with Kira because of Emma's confession and the two duel.

In the duel, he uses Loneliness, Treasure-Taking Moon, followed by multiple spells that return his shields to his hand to summon Moon, Destruction, Satan and Angel to break Kira's shields. He prioritizes Kira's Galaxyshield cards first so he can't use them. When Kira uses I Am Justice If You Want's Galaxyshield to give his cards shield trigger, he breaks it again with a series of self-shield breaking spells and went for the direct attack. (Because I Am Justice If You Want lacks a Come Into Play effect, it doesn't do anything at all.)

Kouki drops all pretenses of friendliness and disses Kira's "Justice" as inferior to his desire of "Revenge". Kira throws him back the pendant, but he brazenly breaks it with his fist and officially announces hostilities against him.


He uses a Light and Darkness civilization deck based on Gekko Kingdom Gekko Kingdom.png and the Oshiokimoon ability word.


  • Kouki's mouth was covered by a plate. This symbolizes how Jaouga had taken away the "love" of the Gekko Kingdom.
  • In the anime, Kouki was a soldier from Eurasia. This explains why his trump card Moon, Destruction, Satan and Angel and several other Gekko Kingdom cards resemble military weaponry or have military gear equipped on them.

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