Kotetsu Kinoshita is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.


List of cards illustrated by Futaro

Cards illustrated under the name of "Kotetsu Kinoshita".

 ■ Arctic Hatcher
 ■ Baribari Churis
 ■ Evidencebird
 ■ Exhaust Two Four
 ■ Guringul Bindol
 ■ Hei-Nishiki, Bakushu
 ■ Kyuden Trap
 ■ Majugai, Shell Beast
 ■ Mappo Churis
 ■ Missile Jet
 ■ Ostar, Trigger Suction
 ■ Poison Fish
 ■ Shanhe, Play Music
 ■ Shukuran, Red Attack Silver


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