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Kintaro Nanba
難波なんば 金太郎きんたろう
Civilization(s) Fire Fire Nature Nature
Voice Actor Jay Lerner (Season 1)
R. Martin Klein (Season 3)
Chiyako Shibahara

Kintaro Nanba was introduced in Episode 11 of the first season of the Duel Masters anime.

He is the gatekeeper of the Temple.


Season 1[]

He is the former gatekeeper of the Junior Duelist Center. Nobody knows how old he is, and he often carries around a man-purse and an abacus. After losing to Shobu, he was forced by Hakuoh to hand over his access pass to Shobu, and was then fired. However, he quickly befriends Shobu's gang and joins them.

When Hakuoh was defeated by Shobu, Kintaro was welcomed back as a member of the White Soldiers, replacing Benny Haha.

Duel Masters Charge[]

He later dueled Extreme Bucketman in tournament finals and lost against him.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution[]

He is seen being defeated by Rambo along with Komei and Mikuni. His appearance has never been changed from the first season of the manga series.


Series 1[]

He dueled against Shobu in a game of Magic: The Gathering and lost to him. He later became Shobu's friend.


He uses a Fire and Nature civilization deck.