King Master Card
キングマスターカード (Kingu Masutā Kādo)
King Master Card.png
Released: DMRP-13 Kirifuda x Onifuda King Wars!!!
DMSD-14 King Master Start Deck: Joe's Kirifudash
DMSD-15 King Master Start Deck: Onifuda's Onitime
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King Master Card is a rarity in the Duel Masters trading card game.

It is a variation of Master Card.


Unlike the other card rarities above Super Rare, this rarity appears in starter decks such as DMSD-14 and DMSD-15.

Creatures of this rarity appear as the Leaders of each warring fraction seen during the Ten Kings block and were each used by a Duel Master or an executive of the Onifuda Overlord Coalition in the anime. The only exception was Fushigi Kingdom, who is neither a Duel Master or an Onifuda executive, but its King, Gigandydanos, Big Tree King is a Dragon retrieved by Jaouga to spy on the nature civilization.

The forces of Team Kirifuda, Team Bomber, Team Ginga and Team Wave collide against the Onifuda Overlords led by the Onifuda Kingdom, with the Fushigi Kingdom, Bouken Kingdom, Bikkuri Kingdom and Gekko Kingdom it defeated acting as its subordinates. There is also a fifth team with unknown purposes, Team Zero.

The Team Leaders are civilization masters imbued with the power of Rainbow, while the Kings of the Onifuda Overlord Coalition are ancient creatures who emerged from the remains of Zeron.

List of King Master Cards

List of King Master Cards

Card Name: Race:
Team Ginga Team Ginga.png I Am Justice If You Want
Gekko Kingdom Gekko Kingdom.png Moon, Destruction, Satan and Angel
Team Bomber Team Bomber.png Dynabolt, Explosive Dragon Emperor
Bouken Kingdom Bouken Kingdom.png Gorio Bugori, Gorira King
Team Zero Team Zero.png Genmu Emperor, Illusionary Dragon
Genmu Emperor, Infinite Dragon
Bikkuri Kingdom Bikkuri Kingdom.png Meteorshower Auroratheater
Team Wave Team Wave.png King Manifest
Onifuda Kingdom Onifuda Kingdom.png Jaouga, Oniga Overlord
Jaouga, Oniga Great King
Jaouga, Onigaoni
End Jaouga, Oniga Emperor Devil
Fushigi Kingdom Fushigi Kingdom.png Gigandydanos, Big Tree King
Team Kirifuda Team Kirifuda.png Momoking, Jonetsu Hero
Momoking, Jonetsu Dragon
Momoking Revolution, Jonetsu Hyakupar
Momoking, Jonetsudash


  • The King Master Cards in the anime display some degree of autonomy and anyone save for the person they made a pact with cannot use them to their full potential. This is shown when Megane uses Jaouga against Joe Kirifuda and he failed to licit anything but contempt from the Civilization's masters.
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