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King Cell
キング・セル (Kingu Seru)
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King Cell is a King card type.


Specific cells can be combined to summon King Creatures by paying their cost while they are in your mana zone.

King Creature: King Cells:
Volzeos Balamord
Volzeos Balamord, New World King
New World Order

While they are a cell card type, they are written horizantally on the side and front face of the King Creature sides, unlike Dragheart or Psychic cells where they are Double Sided Cards.

They feature no Mana Cost, so can't be used from your hand.

Each King Cell card also has the Guard Strike keyword that may be used when they are put into your hand from your shield zone.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 812. King Cell
    • 812.1. A King Cell is a card type that can't be used by itself. They can only be used as a combined card if all King Cells with the specified names are in your hand and/or mana zone.
      • 812.1a King Cells don't have a cost or race by themselves, and are treated as having a cost of 0.
      • 812.1b Each King Cell has civilization(s) in their mana number. Even in a combined state, if a single card is referenced, the King Cell is treated as only having those civilizations in the mana number.
      • 812.1c If you want to use a King Cell as a combined card, you need to pay the mana cost listed in the top left corner of the combined state. At this time, the King Cell will move to a non-existant zone and combine after the cost is paid.:::Example: If you want to combine and summon 'Volzeos Balamord', you need to pay the mana cost of 9, as well as satisfying the conditions of 5 civilizations. (You are also able to use the King Cells in your mana zone to pay the cost as you summon 'Volzeos Balamord'.)
      • 812.1d If some of the King Cells that are part of the combined creature leave the battle zone, the remaining King Cells can't be in the battle zone and are immediately put into the graveyard.
      • 812.1e If a King Cell leaves the battle zone, it isn't treated as a creature leaving. However, a replacement effect applied when a creature leaves is also applied when the King Cell leaves the battle zone.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 812. キング・セル
    • 812.1. キング・セルとは、それ単独では使用できないカードです。指定されたカード名を持つキング・セルが手札かマナゾーンにある場合にのみ、合体したカードとして使用できます。
      • 812.1a キング・セルはそれ単独でコストと種族を持たず、コストを参照する場合は0として扱います。
      • 812.1b キング・セルは、それぞれマナシンボルの色の文明を持ちます。合体している状態でも、カード単体が参照される際は、その文明のみを持つものとして扱います。
      • 812.1c キング・セルを合体したカードとして使用する場合、合体した状態の左上に記載されたマナコストを支払う必要があります。この時、キング・セルは、コストの支払いが完了してからどこでもないゾーンへ移動し、合体します。:::例: 《Volzeos-Balamord》を合体させて召喚する場合、5文明のマナを含む9マナを支払う必要があります。