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キング (Kingu)
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King is a supertype.


Each King Creature and corresponding King Cell card is related to 'Volzeos Balamord'.

This includes:

King Creature: King Cells:
Volzeos Balamord
Volzeos Balamord, New World King
New World Order

Each of these King Creatures are made up of 2 or 3 King Cells that have vertical text along the side of the card, as well as a Mana Number.

If you have all 3 of the King Cells in your hand or mana zone, you are able to pay for the Mana Cost of the King Creature (or Spell) and combine the cards, and summon (or cast) the card.


  • It has no relation to the King Master Card rarity.
    • Despite being a Promotional card, 'Volzeos Balamord, New World King' has the **[KGR]** rarity.