Kimera was first introduced in the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


She is the adoptive mother of Kokujo and also a member of the Shinigami clan. In the town her house and the base of her clan was called the Castle of Reapers. She came from from a rich and noble family background. She was also unfortunate to become a mother so she was also unmarried but still she was considered to be the most beautiful woman behind the mask. Kokujo was very young, poor and orphaned and use to live on the street. She took to a liking to this brave young boy and adopted him into her family. In the anime she gave Kokujo his first deck and taught him how to duel as he progressed she gifted him with new cards and told him new tactics to help him become strong and one day may become the son of her dreams upon whom she can depend on.


Osa appears behind Kokujo after the betrayal.

She most likely used Darkness Civilization cards and she used to be the strongest deck holder in her clan and also taught Kokujo how to duel. She gave Kokujo Ballom, Master of Death as a gift, viewing him as being the youngest and the best duelist in her clan. She always used to be very proud of her adoptive son. She and her clan had lost against Zakira who came to get the Awakening Card and destroy them. And also she and her clan were betrayed by their leader who also brought Kokujo into the clan and introduced him to Kimera. Her mask was broken under Osa's foot right in front of her son. Her mask was also a symbol of pride because it was different then everyone else in her clan. Her mask was similar to the Darkness Civilization symbol.


Kimera's deck is unknown, but it mostly likely contained cards from the Darkness civilization. Her signature card was Dorballom, Lord of Demons which was an Awakening Card.


Story Differences

  • In Duel Masters Cross, Kimera had already given the Awakening card to Kokujo and Kokujo used that card to defeat the betrayer.
  • Whereas in Duel Masters Charge Kokujo found the card in a shop. The card was calling him and he eventually won the card through a duel.
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