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Keyword Action
キーワード処理しょり (Kīwādo Shori)
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A Keyword Action is a word or words, usually a verb, that substitutes for a piece of rules text.


Keyword actions and keyword abilities are closely related. Both represent a longer segment of rules text. Because they have a specific rules meaning and are listed in the Rulebook, keywords of either type can be referenced from other cards.

They differ in that keyword abilities are either characteristics of cards, whereas keyword actions describe game-related actions.

  • Leave, Look, Face Up, Flip, "Unlink", and Equip don't function by themselves, and aren't considred to be keyword actions. They each require additional text to work. For example, "leave" requires "the battle zone" and Flip requires "to its higher costing side".

Some actions such as Generate and Fortify are often written in Reminder Text.


Examples of Keyword Processing

  • Removing a creature in the battle zone with Hero Mystery, Burning Galaxy is treated as "destroy".
  • When Cyber I Choice "uses" a card, its treated as the keyword action for that card. E.g. A creature is "summoned", a spell is "cast" and so on.

Examples of no Keyword Processing

  • "Putting" a card into the battle zone isn't considered to be a "summon", "generate" or "expand".
  • If a shield is "put" from your shields to your hand, its not a "break".
  • Even if a card such as "Great Waste" is put into your graveyard from your hand with no effect, its not considered to be "discarded".
  • Sword Saint Jigen, Awoken Dragon World isn't considered to be an "Awaken" with its flip ability.

List of Keyword Actions

The following aren't written in the General Game Rules, but have the same usage as the above keyword actions.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 701.1. Most actions described in a card’s rules text use the standard language definitions of the verbs within, but some specialized verbs are used whose meanings may not be clear. These “keywords” are game terms; sometimes reminder text summarizes their meanings.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 701.1. カードのルール文章に書かれている処理のほとんどは普通の言語で書かれていますが, いくつかの動詞は定義が必要です.それらの「キーワード」はゲーム用語であり, 注釈文で意味:が要約されていることがあります.


  • The May 24, 2016 update of the Duel Masters General Game Rules indicates that the action of "Drawing a Card" in Chapter 1 of the "Game Basics" isn't regarded as a keyword action.