(Kīwādo Nōryoku)
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Category for Keyword.

Keywords (or keyword abilities) are words attached to rules text.

Many keywords are summarized in Reminder Text, except at higher rarities.


Many abilities are explained in reminder text, which is recognized by being in parenthesis and italics directly following the keyword.

This page is a listing of the various Keywords that creatures, spells, cross gears or castles can have or grant in the Trading Card Game.

List of Keywords

Breaker keywords

Evolution keywords

Evergreen keywords

Other keywords

List of Keywords by Set Block

Beginner's Block

Fighting Spirit Saga

Holy Fist Saga

Reincarnation Saga

Phoenix Saga

God Apex Saga

Sengoku Saga

Divine Evolution Saga

Psychic Shock

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Dragon Saga


Revolution Final

Duel Masters

Twinpact Series


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