Keshikasu, Vanish King
Civilization: Colorless
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  5
Race: Jokers
English Text: ■ When your opponent puts a creature into the battle zone and it's ability would trigger, you may destroy this creature and say "None!" instead. Then that ability won't trigger. (For example, an ability that starts with "When you put this creature into the battle zone" won't trigger.)
Japanese Text: ■ 相手のクリーチャーがバトルゾーンに出て、その能力がトリガーする時、かわりに「ノーン!!」と叫びながらこのクリーチャーを破壊してもよい。そうしたら、その能力はトリガーしない。(例えば、「このクリーチャーがバトルゾーンに出た時」で始まる能力はトリガーしない)
Power:  5000
Flavor Text: 気に入らねえヤツは消す!! —Keshikasu, Vanish King (P42/Y16)
Mana: 1
Illustrator: 村瀬範行
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