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This is for the world, this is for my friends and this...is for my curry bread!
Katta Kirifuda

Katta Kirifuda
切札きりふだ 勝太かった
Katta Kirifuda.png
Civilization(s) WaterWater.png Darkness Darkness.png
Fire Fire.png Nature Nature.png
Affiliation Kirifuda Family
Team Tensai Katta (Former)
Family Z Kirifuda (Great Grandfather)
Katsuzo Kirifuda (Grandfather)
Shori Kirifuda (Father)
Mai Kirifuda (Mother)
Shobu Kirifuda (Brother)
Lulu Takigawa (Wife)
Joe Kirifuda (Son, Card Drawer)
Voice Actor 小林 由美子
Yumiko Kobayashi
Signature Card(s)
Startdash Buster, Divine Hero Mech

Gaial Kaiser
Dragonic Pippi
Boost, Crimson Lord
Gaial King Dragon, Raging Dragon Lord
Thunder Blade, Wolf Tiger
Thunder Tiger
Volg Thunder
Volg Tiger, Thunder Beast
Forever Kaiser, the Meteor
Sakon Pippi
Ukon Pippi
Gaial Ryusei Dragon, Star Dragon King
Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious
Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious
Prin Prin, the Victorious
Gaial Ore Dragon, the Vainglory
Oninaguri, Infinite Fist
Vorg, Brawler of Hell
Kaiser "Win", Matchless Oni
Onimaru "Explosion", Golden Age
Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush
Onimaru "Ogre", Golden Dragon
Kiramaru, Great Miracle
Crossfire, Millionaire
Katsuking, Kung Fu Shogun
Katsuking MAX, Outlaw Caliber
Katsumaster, Outrage Victory
Katsumugen, Climax
Glenmalt, Dragon Edge
Gaiheart, Galaxy Sword/Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon
Gaiglen, Violent Dragon Incident
Glenmalt "King", Dual Sword Dragon Edge
Gaiohburn, Head General Sword/Gairaioh, Victory Head
Gigaheart, Invincible King Sword/Ohginga, Strongest Passion
Evol Dogiragon
Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution
Bolshack Dogiragon
Briking, Deluxe
Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader
Mishra, Triple Star Iron Man
Final Dogiragolden
Curry Bread of the Universe
Anime Only
Gaial Zero
Gaial Mobius, Victory Emperor
Gaimusou, Angry Hero
Gaial, Leader Dragon Sword/Gaiburn, Furious Leader Dragon
Batorai Edge, Blazing Sword/Batorai Keep, Blazing Castle/Batorai Bushin, Blazing Deluxe
MaltNEXT, Super Battle Dragon Edge
Heart Burn, Battle General Galaxy Fortress/GuyNEXT, Super Battle Victory Dragon
Captain Dracken
Dogiragon Silver of Fate
Please Marry Me!!
Gaial, Victory Legend
Manga Only
Zero Romanov, Darkness GUY
Explosive Dash! Masashi, Crimson Sabre
Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden

Rival Lucifer

Katta Kirifuda is the second central protagonist of the Duel Masters anime and manga series, succeeding Shobu Kirifuda, the main protagonist from the earlier seasons. He was the central protagonist in the Victory and Versus saga.

He's the younger brother of Shobu from the earlier anime and manga series. Despising the Duel Masters card game at first after his brother's assumed death from his final battle, he went through a long dueling journey to become an Duel Master like his brother.

He's the father of Joe Kirifuda, the next generation protagonist of the anime and manga. He plays a significant role in Joe's path of being the strongest duelists of a new generation.


Katta's younger appearance in Versus Series

Katta is a young boy with red hair and bears a slight resemblance of his older brother Shobu. He has a "V" scar on his forehead, which later becomes a site where his "Victory Mode" was activated. Like Shobu, he wears his deck box on his waist and wristbands most of the time, with its only difference that it is white with a green strap. In the Victory V3 season, he buckles a book case onto his deck belt.

In the Duel Masters Versus season, his "V" scar was covered by a plaster on his forehead. He also looks sightly older and his overall hair volume slightly decreases. His deck box has a different design with a Fire Civilization symbol, which signify his main civilization. He was sometimes seen in his school uniform, His pet hamster Hamukatsu (later Bosskatsu and Katsuemon in VSRF) was sometimes seen hiding in his hair or on his shoulder. In the second half of the seasons in the Versus Saga, he wears a jacket over his uniform.

Due to Katta using up all of his powers in the final battle against Dormageddon X, the "V" scar on his forehead disappears. As an adult, he looks more mature and had grown taller. In Duel Masters King Max, his causal outfit consist of a black jacket and long sleeve white undershirt.


Katta is a very cocky and care-free boy, thinking that he's the best there is at whatever there is, and even going so far as to call himself a prodigy. However, he has no fondness or skill for Duel Masters, as he initially thinks it is a pyramid-stacking card game. It is implied that he misses his older brother, Shobu. He can also be absent minded when he was unable to recall some events until his friends reminded him.

Katta is often goofy and aloof, which seems to be an easily identifiable personality that distincts him from Shobu, especially when he was older past VS. However, once the "V" symbol on his forehead begins to shine he has a complete switch in personality and becomes very much like Shobu in times of crisis. This is known as the "Victory Mode".

In this Victory mode, he acts like an aggressive animal with red predatory eyes. He starts to talk to himself and during duels makes cutthroat moves focused on winning. In the first season, it was also shown that when Katta's personality was changed to this "Victory Mode" that he did not had much strength in controlling his new power. However, in the second season, he learned to better control and was able to communicate with the creatures that he duels with. In the Versus Revolution season, the creatures also answer his calls and spirit, when Dogiragon breaks his chains for Katta's victory. Eventually when the season progress, his hatred towards the Duel Masters game disappears and have exceeded his brother's skill and level.

Despite his silliness, he is a capable and skilled duelist, being able to make quick and thoughtful decisions when he was in a pinch. After being given guidance by Benchan, Yohdel and Bucchake, he was able to grasp the concept of the game in a much more quicker time than Shobu. His skills was extended to being able to teach and guide other novice duelist and first timers, such as Hokaben and Yukiko Kamakura.

During his duels, he cares for his human and creature comrades, even as far as protecting and saving them, during the time he tried to protect Oninaguri from being stepped on by Osamurai Van Osamu after being shut down and breaking down when they were rendered unusable due to his enemies actions. He also shows respect to the creature spirits to the point of making those who does not respect the cards and spirits to suffer under his wrath.

Despite Katta denying that he was not like Shobu and displayed an antagonistic relationship towards him every time he was mentioned, he was not without his brother's traits in terms of personality and when it comes to dueling. He also has a strength to believe in himself and the cards when he was in a tight situation and can become serious in his duels. He also inherited his brother's trait of having a sense of honor, showing disgust when his enemy uses cowardly means to gain advantage or psychologically breaking the duelist spirit. Like Shobu, he strongly believes that the game of Duel Masters was meant to be used for fun and not as a tool of revenge. Katta even holds a strong value of human and creature life despite his reckless actions. This was attributed to being in a vegetative state in the first years of his life and his brother's "death" in the final battle to secure the future. This trait stressed upon again in Lucifer's duel in Versus and final battle against Basara in Versus Revolution Final, much like Shobu in his final battle against Adam. Both involves giving reasons to continue living for their friends, family and looking into the future. These traits made him being seen as Shobu by some duelists, even by his family and his brother's enemies. As proven in Joe's dream, both of their competitive personalities clashes with each other. After learning that Shobu was alive after many years and their duel, he no longer hated him and shown some appreciation towards him, though both of them shares a rivalry against each other. Even in adulthood Katta respects his brother.

As an adult, he have outgrown some of his nonsensical habits, though his obsession of curry bread was still existent in a lesser extent. Unlike in the past, he holds greater intelligence, as he holds a position of a professor of Cosmic Biology due to his experience and interaction with creature spirits during his journey. He also recognize Lulu's love towards him, even having a child with her during their time in the creature world. As a father, he have a close relationship with his son Joe, even teaching him on how to duel. His love towards Joe was like his father Shori towards his brother Shobu. Like his brother, he gives challenges to his son as a method in helping Joe learn the important concepts of dueling.



Katta Kirifuda's first debut was in the Duel Masters: Star Cross (SX) manga, during Shobu's duel with Adam in a flashback. Since then, he appeared as the main protagonist of the Duel Masters Victory season. His name originates from "Kirifuda" meaning "Ace" and "Katta" meaning "Victory" (past tense).

Katta as an infant

He was born as Shori Kirifuda and Mai Kirifuda's second son and as Shobu Kirifuda's younger brother. He was born dead (actually in a persistent vegetative state). When his family saw that wasn't breathing at all, they all came to a sense of grief.

However, his soul was actually out of his body and was wandering around the streets, watching girls bathing and chasing dogs. Then after a few years when his family was visiting him, a light appears. Then Katsuzo Kirifuda removes his ventilator and stuffed a curry bread into his mouth with the spiciness causing him to breathe flames which burnt Katsuzo's last strand of hair. Since then, he has regained consciousness and got a passion for curry bread.

Despite his love of curry bread, for some reason he hates bean paste bread or other bread foods with stuffed materials.

During his recovery and intense rehabilitation, he befriends Lulu Takigawa and always visited her, giving her joy by playing with her. By the time he left the hospital and returns to his family, his brother went missing in the final battle for the future. Raging Dragon Lord was the only card left by Shobu, in which Katta later encases it and wearing it on his neck. Due to his brother's disappearance, complied with the inferiority complex, Katta hated him and the Duel Masters game.

Duel Masters Victory

He is a big lover of golden curry bread and have recently been transferred to a new school a few years after Shobu's disappearance. He first met Benchan who shared his curry bread with him. Later Yohdel and Bucchake found out that he is Shobu's brother they got fascinated by him and thought that his brother must be a great duelist as well, but turns out to be completely opposite. When Bucchake said the reason that they wanted him to be in the tournament is because he is Shobu's brother, Katta got ticked off of being called by his brother's name and left the grounds shouting back that he won't want to do anything with it. Then Katta got challenged by Dragon Ryu a famous and strong duelist, Katta wanted to beat him and so he joined the tournament without a deck or having any idea about the game he despises so much. Yohdel and Bucchake gave him a pre-constructed deck and taught him how to duel. They joined the regional "Triple Dash Victory Tournament" as Team Tensai Katta. Katta won his first match against Daba with the help of his "Victory Mode". Then for the rest of the tournament he lost all the duels he had, but his friends won all their duels, and so he got to the finals and went up against his rival Ryu from Team Dragon. Katta even used his "Victory Mode", but he still lost against Dragon Ryu, and so did the rest of his team who also lost against Team Dragon.

Katta then wanted to make his own deck and the only person who could help with it was Benchan. Benchan had quit dueling due to family issues and was avoiding Katta. Then Katta finally found Benchan and he was being cornered by Shachihoko Group members. He tried to protect Benchan by pretending to be the actual Benchan. He lost to Chi in this duel because his deck was not balanced. Then when Shachihoko Group members tried to take Katta's deck and cards, Benchan saved him and dueled the strongest of them, Sha, and defeated him. Then Benchan helped Katta with his deck building. Katta had no idea how to build a deck and had no idea about any cards. Benchan then saw that Katta had Raging Dragon Lord in his deck. When Benchan asked how Katta got that card, he then replied he received it from his brother Shobu before his disappearance.

He told Katta that it was a strong card and Katta can build his deck around it. He told Katta how he could build a great fire deck around this card. Then suddenly when Yohdel and Bucchake saw him helping Katta, he started to leave even though Yohdel and Bucchake tried to stop him, to no avail. Then Yohdel and Bucchake helped Katta to build his deck. Meantime the Shachihoko Group had returned with their leader Onsen and dueled Benchan. Katta had a bad feeling and went after Benchan and saw him getting defeated by Onsen. Katta then challenged Onsen with his new deck. During the duel when Katta finally activated his "Victory Mode" and at that time he had Raging Dragon Lord in his hand, and that card transformed into 3 Psychic Creatures which went into his hyperspatial zone. He then used Hyperspatial Gaial Hole and linked the new transformed Gaial King Dragon, Raging Dragon Lord and defeated Onsen.

He then saw a famous TV program for fortune telling who duels and tells people's fortune. Mimi who usually looks after him and helps him out have recently had a TV show with the fortune teller and was amazed by her accurate fortune telling abilities. Katta was going to visit Mimi to find out about Dragon Ryu because he thought Mimi is a news reporter on Duel Masters World and she could help her. He went to her studio but somehow ended up meeting Zubako, the famous fortune teller. He dueled her and got his past told accurately by Zubako, and in the end, lost to her. He then re-dueled her telling her that she confused him and this time, won against her, but once again she told him that he is destined to meet his rival Dragon Ryu. She also told him where he can meet him and that was at the recent Duel Carnival.

Katta went there to join the tournament with his friends, but he tried to keep a low profile because of Katsuzo Kirifuda, his grandfather, bragging about Katta being very strong just like his older brother. Hearing his brother's name, he got ticked off and snapped back that he had nothing to do with him. Jimmy, a contestant overheard them and challenged Katta and tried to take fame from Katta's family background. Katta said that he was only aiming to duel his rival, Dragon Ryu but Jimmy brought Katta to a spot light and made people gather and told everyone about Shobu's brother, giving Katta more pressure. He eventually dueled Jimmy after gaining some encouragement from his grandfather and his friends that he must fight to prove the point that he was not dueling under his brother's shadows. During the duel, Katta was really mad about being called after his brother's name but still he kept his cool while dueling and defeated him. This duel was also considered by the tournament hosts Duel Hero Yuu and Duel Hero Atsuto as a qualifiers match. And so once again Team Tensai Katta was selected as the contestants in the tournament.

Katta and his friends then trained in his house after being selected as the contestants in the tournament. Katta uses his "Victory Mode" to defeat Yohdel in a practice duel. However, due to the fact that he was able to communicate to the creature spirits during the duel, it made Benchan wonder about the power Katta possess. At the same time, he received a letter from Dragon Ryu for a rematch at Dash HQ. Thanks to his grandpa, Katsuzo and Katsumaru, he and his friends are able to get past the guards and enter the HQ, only then he felt the same presence, which also happens during the time he first met Ryu and before dueling Onsen. He and his friends got chased by the guards after the alarm sets off and met Mimi in the HQ and dueled Ryu on the roof. He used his "Victory Mode", as a result, Dragon Ryu realized that Katta was able to commune to the cards. Ryu then uses his avatar, Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal to defeat him, knocking Katta out.

Katta then went on training with his grandpa, Katsuzo and others to meet Ken who is Grandpa's old friend. Katta and the others trained hard and considered the house a little haunted until the next morning Yohdel, Bucchake and Benchan went into a cave after a creature spirit and fainted.

Later Katta went looking for them and found Kitarou, a creature spirit who challenged Katta. The spirit told everything about itself that it is actually Hako's precious lost card and have been wandering in the forest trying to reunite with its owner. Katta defeated it and took it back to Hako. Then Katta was given DMX-02 Deck Builder DX: Hunter Edition from his grandpa, Katsuzo Kirifuda to help him and his friends to build up their new decks and train with them. Katta started to have some interest in darkness cards and wanted to build a deck of dual civilization. He and his friends then faced with their new decks against Mimi and lost to her.

Next day Katta was then invited by Hako, who is Ken's granddaughter to go with her for a lunch. Katta was always interested in her since they first met and she was interested in him as well. During their picnic, they were attacked by mountain monkeys and Hako tried to protect Katta by dueling against their leader, a mountain gorilla, and defeating him in a duel. She told Katta that these monkeys had learned to duel by mimicking other humans whom they have they see dueling.

On the other hand, Benchan was feeling down after his defeat with Mimi and finally challenged Mimi once again, and confessed to her that he is fascinated by her dueling and would like to learn more after he lost to her the second time. He then went on a journey with Mimi to train himself but before leaving he gave Katta some tips and a new darkness card which will boost his deck, Volg Thunder.

"Team Tensai Katta" came back to the Duel Carnival Tournament and only Katta and Yohdel easily made their way to the quarter finals thanks to their hard training and their boosted up decks. During the quarter finals, his opponent who was the past year champion that holds a deep grudge towards Shobu in the past claims that he will defeat Shobu's brother. The crowd even starts calling Katta as Shobu's brother and gathered to see him fight, much Katta's discomfort, saying silently that they only care of his brother. Fortunately, Bucchake who did not make it to the Quarter-Finals cheered Katta on, saying to the whole crowd that Katta is a prodigy duelist. Using his renewed confidence, he won and advance to the semi finals. When Dragon Ryu have a hard time dueling Rikishi due to Shachihoko's dirty tricks, Katta's telepathic abilities activates again, which causes him to hear the princess voice. Upon hearing that she wants Ryu to continue fighting, he cheers for Ryu and breaks Shachihoko's dirty tricks together with Sakon and Ukon, plus Katsuzo tripping Shachihoko. Ryu then thanks Katta for helping him and talked to him in private warning him it is dangerous to duel Onsen.

Unfortunately, Yohdel lost to "Team Shachihoko" in the quarter finals, but Katta, being their team leader, duels Shachihoko. Despite Shachihoko and Rikishi's trap in order to distract and embarrass him, Dragon Ryu cheers for Katta and Mimi's intervention helps him to win and made his way to the finals. In the semi-finals, Katta was shocked to see his rival Dragon Ryu being defeated by Onsen. Sakon and Ukon told Katta about their group's main objective of joining the tournament and also about who they really are and their past. They also told him about the Shachihoko Group and about the group's main objective of obtaining the Prin Prin, the Eternal prize card, which is the creature that Katta hears her voice beforehand. This shocks Katta and his friends greatly.

At first Katta was hesitant to help them, as his only objective is to duel Dragon Ryu. Despite that, Dragon Ryu approached Katta in his wounded state and pleading him that he need his strength and power to get the princess back. Ryu then used his remaining power to change to his card form, Forever Kaiser, the Meteor, which also damages part of the building. Upon picking up Ryu's card form, he hears the princess voice again, pleading for help. Determined to win this, Katta made it to the tournament field just in time to duel Onsen thanks to Bucchake and Yohdel's distraction.

During the duel, Katta got injured by Onsen's "Super Hot" mode. However, Katta does not give up and summons Dragon Ryu as Forever Kaiser, the Meteor. He successfully blocks off Onsen's direct attack with Ryu's ability and summons Sakon Pippi and Ukon Pippi, linking them into Gaial Ryusei Dragon, Star Dragon King and won the duel. He was declared as Japan's Number 1 duelist, being able to achieve what his brother was able to do, he shed tears of joy and received Prin Prin. However, it got taken by Yohel, who was possessed by Onsen. Katta quickly told Mimi about the situation and learned that Onsen had escaped. Both of them along with Yuu and Atsuto head to the vault, where Shachihoko and Rikishi were locked up. Yuu and Atsuto deals with them and Katta and Mimi splits up to find Yohdel. He then witnessed Bucchake dueling Yohdel.

Yohdel brought the card to Onsen and Onsen was trying to escape with the card back to Pandora Space, but Katta caught up to him thanks to Zubako's information and Benchan's help in buying him more time. Before heading the top of the tower through the stairs as the escalator was out of commission, he asked a favor for Hako to prevent anyone from going in the tower. Katta provoked Onsen by saying that he is a coward trying to run away from his opponent. He even threatened that if they don't release Benchan, he will throw down Prin Prin, the Eternal, in which he managed to get it back. from Benchan. Onsen in order to prove that he is still stronger than him, he and Katta went into the final decisive battle and both of them started off straight with their abilities. Both Dragon Ryu and Prin Prin transforms to their Victorious card form to fight alongside Katta.

During a fierce battle, Katta got afraid, but Dragon Ryu encourages him, even slapping him in his card form, which surprises Yohdel, Benchan and Bucchake. The creature spirits even gave Katta encouragement to win and lend him their strength, which gives Katta courage to fight. Katta summons Dragon Ryu in his Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious form and rides on him. Due to the impact of the battle, Katta's friends got swept away, but got saved by their respective Psychic Super Creatures, in which materializes themselves much to Katta's relief and braced himself for the massive attack. The team casts Power of Our Friendship! together to summon Prin Prin and Katta then replied that he is having fun, which surprises Gallows Hellish Dragon, Brink of Despair, stating that he was fighting alongside his creature friends and comrades. Using Prin Prin's ability, he successfully linked Gaial Ore Dragon, the Vainglory and defeated him.

Katta and the team celebrate their victory, however, it was cut short when the Aliens that make up Gallows Hellish Dragon still persist to fight in their true creature forms. Yohdel, Bucchake and Benchan's creatures got destroyed by the Aliens and Prin Prin used her powers to protect them and close the Dimension Gate, banishing Gallows Hellish Dragon back to the creature world. After Prin Prin, Ryu, Sakon and Ukon change to their human forms after everything was over, Katta got thanked from the princess of the Alien race for saving her and became a hero of the creature world.

Duel Masters Victory V

Katta returns to school in his new class where he meets up with all of his old friends and also meets new ones, who are all eager about him since he is now a new champion. Katta was challenged by his classmate Leo but could not accept his challenge because he had to meet with Prin Prin, the Eternal since she is also staying in the human world in her human form with Dragon Ryu and his followers.

While Katta was showing the princess around his school by wearing her on his neck in her card form, he was challenged by Jyotaro. Katta had to accept the challenge after being provoked but in this winning duel, Katta had to suddenly abandon the duel and run to the toilet because he earlier had too much curry bread. Upon his return, he saw Leo dueling against Jyotaro and saw Leo using new powerful Unknown and Unnoise creatures by which Leo easily defeated Jyotaro. Katta was impressed by him and also noticed that this new rival was slowly taking away his spotlight. However, they became friends a few episodes later.

Katta re-dueled Jyotaro with his classmates watching and got an upper hand. However Jyotaro gained a comeback and removes Katta's trump card, Oninaguri, Infinite Fist from the battle zone. Fortunately, Katta uses his 'Victory Mode' and was able to return his trump card back together with the creatures he communicated to, who lent him their strength. Katta won against Jyotaro and his classmates cheered for his victory. During the school year, he dueled his classmates to settle affairs and arguments within the class, with him winning most of the time.

Katta entered a lucky draw and received the Onimaru "Explosion", Golden Age card as well a Dragon Ryu giving him a new victory card, Kaiser "Win", Matchless Oni.

The next day, Mimi appeared in his class to tell them that the class was chosen to have a battle between two duelists broadcast live. Katta was confirmed as a participant in the battle as he was already known as the champion of the Duel Carnival Tournament from the previous season. His class later held a small tournament to decide the 2nd duelist. During the finals of the class tournament, Leo uses his trump card, Lionel, Zenith of "Ore", shocking Katta and Benchan, who was Leo's opponent as it was from the Zero Civilization, as they never seen it before. Leo won that tournament and will now duel against Katta.

On the night before his match, he had began to reconstruct his deck for the duel and was taught on how to use the Gachinko Judge ability by Katsuzo.

The next day he had gone to pick up Prin Prin as usual, but she was reported missing by Dragon Ryu. Ryu then transforms to Off Course Kaiser "Dragon" and joins Katta to school. She would later be seen with Leo. Katta then added Ryu to his deck as Ryu insisted that Prin Prin would want to see him fight alongside Katta. Katta then uses Ryu in his duel against Leo and managed to gain a comeback by using Kaiser "Win", Matchless Oni ability to remove Leo's blockers. However, Mimi got overexcited and accidentally knocked the camera down, damaging it and the duel won't be on TV. Katta wanted to finish the duel, but Leo turned down and returned Prin Prin back to Katta.

During the school play rehearsal, Katta was forced to play as Snow White as Mei Midoriyama fells asleep again. As Katta does not want to do the play and take that role, he made Mei wake up by using cymbals. But this proves to be a bad idea as Mei got angry and he ended up dueling her to calm her down. He succeeded but still ended up playing the role in the school play.

In episode 20, Katta, Benchan, Yohdel and Bycyake uses Saiba's newest inventions, his mobile cameras and his viewing goggles for a test drive. When they return to Saiba's lab, they found one of the camera being damaged, with a last playback before being rendered unusable. Katta ended up dueling Saiba and won, realizing that he was controlled by somebody and the playback in the camera made Katta deduce that something or someone might be targeting him. He asked Saiba to get a better playback and the team realized that the culprit used hypnosis to control Saiba. It was made worse when some of his classmates except his team and Maria Ave got controlled the same way as Saiba and they dueled the group to get them back to normal.

In episode 25, Katta dueled against Leo again when he realized that he was the one responsible for controlling the class beforehand using hypnosis. During the duel his Oninaguri, Infinite Fist transforms to Oninaguri, Last Attack. He won against Leo and YA.RA.SI band arrives, who was after Prin Prin. Katta then let Dragon Ryu appear in his true creature form, who apparently knows about Osamurai Van Osamu. The whole class are surprised with the exception of Benchan, Bucchake and Yohdel about Ryu being a creature from the creature world. Oninaguri also materializes himself with Prin Prin's power to fight against them, but got defeated by YA.RA.SI's creatures and explained what was really going on to Katta, asking him to leave with Prin Prin. Ryu also got captured by Osamu, turning back to his card form. Osamu then turns the whole class and teacher, except for Katta and Maria Ave into cards, which angers Katta even further. Fortunately,Yamamoto Elegance Kumiko, Dan Danda and Gennai Saiba were released due to Raou Kyokumaru's carelessness and they demanded an explanation from Katta. Without a choice, Katta decides to reveal the truth, with Prin Prin reverting from her card form to her human form, explaining about Osamu and his intentions. They split up to fight against the members to get the class back. Katta and Elegance managed to got some of the class back after defeating Minoru Koiwai and reorganized their plans with Prin Prin.

Katta and Elegance arrives to Dan and Saiba's location by Saiba's cameras, revealing that they have got more of their classmates back. Apologizing to them that they have eaten their share of food, it was revealed that Raou had already cooked their share of food. He then realized Leo and Nanmo Nai, who did not turn to cards as they are not present at that time dueling Seiya Kubo by Dan and Saiba, who are using the mobile cameras and the viewing goggles. At the same time, Katta duels Raou Kyokumaru and managed to defeat him with his Human creature spam combination. Leo also defeated Seiya and reunites with him along with Nai and Maria Ave. They got carried by Osamu's Codeking Ludwig to his skyship and he witnessed Leo dueling Osamu and lost.

In episode 37, Katta dueled Osamurai Van Osamu to save his classmates, teacher and Dragon Ryu. However, Osamu took control of Ryu, turning him into Destiny Ryusei of Fate, angering him even further. During the duel, Katta and Prin Prin managed to break Ryu out of Osamu's control by using Kaiser "Win", Matchless Oni. Knowing he have to win this, Katta used his belief in his comrades and friends to turn the tables. His Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush transforms to Onimaru "Ogre", Golden Dragon, using it effects to defeat Osamu. Osamu then released his classmates and teacher and Ryu changes back to his human form by Prin Prin and Leo apologizes the whole class for making them involved in this situation due to his actions in the past.

Osamu takes them to the Triworld as a form of apology so that the whole class can enjoy dueling. Katta and Prin Prin are then tasked to teach Yukiko Kamakura about deck building as her deck is not well balanced. He also teaches her on balancing out her deck and dueling strategies. As Yukiko was unable to absorb so much information, Katta showed her their classmates duels to make it easier for her to learn and also asked a few of their classmates for cards that Yukiko can borrow. He demonstrated to Yukiko on creature effects and combinations for her to use in duels. He cheers for Yukiko in her duel against Ran Ohata and gave her on a few tips on her combinations. Even though Yukiko lost, he got rewarded with points for helping her.

Before engaging himself in his final duel against Leo, Prin Prin took him to a deserted location and asked Katta to add her in his deck. At first, Katta was skeptical about it as Prin Prin is a Nature Civilization creature and his deck is a Fire/Darkness build. Prin Prin reveals her Zero form, Prin, Reversal Princess and much to his surprise, Dragon Ryu have slipped himself in Katta's deck in his card form as Destiny Ryusei of Fate. In the middle of the duel, Onimaru reveals his final form to Katta as Kiramaru, Great Miracle and Katta won against Leo. The class got sent back to the Human World after Osamu and their teacher returns to pick them up.

The whole class were sent back afterwards and Katta continues to visit Ryu and fetch Prin Prin to school.

Duel Masters Victory V3

Katta was watching the news about the damage caused by the Oracles and was building a deck in his home when he had a strange vision about the creatures from the creature world being alive in the human world. He have a duel with his friends in school and realized that they have the same vision. He went on a picnic with his friends and it was then the Book of Outrage appears with a card when an ancient structure submerges from the lake. He took the book to Prin Prin and Dragon Ryu and learned about the situation in the creature world.

One of the cards appears out of nowhere, which later materializes into a small dragon creature, Katsudon appears and starts running around the treehouse. He chased after Katsudon who took the book and got cornered by one of the creatures, Kubrick, Spiral Accelerator who possessed a duelist and was about to get killed. Fortunately, Katsudon arrives with the book and uses the book's power to activate a Duel Zone, which saves Katta in a nick of time. Katta partners up with Katsudon, defeating the creature spirit and obtains its card.

Katta eventually had to partner up with Katsudon, even though Katsudon annoys him at first, during the time when Katsudon uses the bathroom for itself and ate all of the curry rice for dinner. Katta then builds his deck, using the cards from the book, working out on suitable strategies and got annoyed by Katsudon's snoring as he can't concentrate. They eventually worked together when several people began to be controlled or become victims of the creature spirits. He dueled Zorro Star in episode 3 and won, learning about the existence of Oracles.

Katta then meets a new student, Puramai Rei. Rei then tries to join Katta's group, telling about her knowledge about the current situation and showing evidence that Katta was caught on news camera during the outbreak of the creatures. In episode 5, they got another case of the mysterious water beast, close to the spot where they found the book. During their search, they got scared off by a monster, which was none other than Katsudon's comrades working together in order to steal their food. Katta and his friends managed to catch them and learned that the water beast is none other than Bolmeteus Steel Dragon and dueled the spirit. Team Exile partners up with them and teaches them about Exile Creatures.

In episode 7, Katta and his friends have a meal in a restaurant and stopped their partners from fighting each other over the food. They got a case of the buildings being vandalized from the police detective and stopped an artist from wreaking havoc, revealing to have the 5000GT, Riot card. He obtained the card afterwards. In episode 9, during the class trip to a bread factory, Katta and his friends realizes that their partners were not in their card form and had disappeared. When they noticed that they are making havoc in the production room, they chased after them and meets Izumo, who treats them with curry buns as a compensation of their troubles. Katta then dueled Izumo and got dragged into another location with Team Exile, realizing that he was a member of the Oracle Cult when the Book of Oracle and Zorro Star appears. He and Team Exile got trapped in the Duel Zone and met Yomi. He dueled Yomi and lost which results in Crossfire, Millionaire to be destroyed by Yomi's powers. Katta and Team Exile got transported back to the factory and cries out in frustration about his loss.

Katta then got assaulted by the Oracle Cult again and dueled Izumo. Katsudon got destroyed by Izumo and his card was rendered unusable, causing Katta to cry out and he collapses after the duel. He approached one of the Outrages, Ragnarok, the Clock that wreak havoc in the city and dueled him. Katsudon was revived as Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon and changes to his other form, Katsuking, Kung Fu Shogun, winning the duel. The team celebrates Katsudon's return. He re-dueled Izumo during the case of the haunted house and won, but lost the book sometime later. He got attacked by another Outrage, Prometheus, Splash Axe. After his victory, Prometheus decided to join them, boosting the team's spirit. Katta decided to build his deck from scratch during a discussion with the team as he did not want to lose Katsudon again like last time, while Team Exile plays soccer in the school fields. He was defeated by Zorro Star when the Oracles creatures appears again but was protected by Rei under her 'Masked Duelist' persona. She revealed the restored piece of Crossfire, Millionaire, with Katta joining the other piece. Arashi, Cross Boy was revealed first before his other form, Hurricane, Cross Fire reveals.

Katta then fights the Oracle Cult again and dueled Zorro Star with his new card, Hurricane, Cross Fire and won. He re-dueled Yomi and managed to use Doron Go of Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon to Katsuking, Kung Fu Shogun to defeat Yomi and destroys the organization. Arashi appears from the book and partners up with him. Even though Katsudon and Arashi partners up with him, they caused some troubles in his house, even annoying his grandfather during their games. Even though they won the battle, the team have to search for the cards that were affected by the Oracles, which results in catastrophic effects in the Human World. Katta and the team encountered other Outrages, with the rest of Team Exile achieved Doron Go.

In episode 23, Katta and his friends encountered a strong duelist, Aoto Reiji and his Outrage partner, Jackie, Infinity Beat, who defeated the creature spirit easily in a duel. Katta got amazed by his strong dueling skills and realized that he becomes his rival. Katta's cards got missing, which was the work of Jackie. After learning this, Katta, Katsudon and Arashi found Reiji in an abandoned warehouse and yelled at his comrades for running away. He dueled Reiji to get his cards back. Katta managed to get his comrades back, obtaining Jackie and the cards Reiji collected in his duels from him as a compensation of their troubles.

In episode 25, Katta made a cake for everyone but as it was not enough, he organized a game to guess which box have the cake. Only Yohdel and Nike does not have a cake but a frog instead, which scares them. After the meal, they watched the news of creatures being rampant in the human world. Katta splits up with the others to deal with them, but Rei got dragged by Zorro Star into a duel without Bhutan. He and the others witnessed the duel.

In episode 27, Katta and his friends participate in a tournament, but a creature spirit, Jasmine, Mist Faerie caused a mess to the competition. Team Exile tries to catch her, which causes Katta to yell at them not to run around as they might frighten the other participants. Before the finals against Benchan, both of them were unable to find their partners and they are searching for Jasmine's love interest. As a result, Katta and Benchan have to duel without them. Katta won against Benchan in the finals.

In episode 29, Katta got into an argument with Katsudon and Arashi on building his deck that they did not notice that Carol, Gokigen Shout was blown away by the wind. By the time they all agree to add Carol in the deck, they realized that he was gone. Katta watches Rei, Prin Prin and Aya Suidōbashi performing in a talent show and realized that Carol was with Reiji. He dueled Reiji again and won despite Reiji's strong combination, getting Carol back.

In episode 31, Katta and the team learned about the recent computer network damage and Benchan also had the same problem in the library. They were invited to Yohdel's house to investigate the matter with Robby handling the network to find the culprit. They found the culprit but the card was taken away by Detroit Techno. They got shocked to see that Detroit was able to reincarnates Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon into Progre Sapphire, Divine Blue Brightness. Dragon Ryu duels against Detroit but lost and Katta was upset with this. It was made worse when the escaped criminal whom was possessed by Geega, Thrilling Drill way beforehand asked Katta for help as Detroit had the creatures possess the prisoners and wardens on the prison island and made them all fight each other. The team got the motorboat to the island and defeated all of the creatures, saving the people on the island.

Katta then notices that Katsudon was acting strangely, even during their meal in Yohdel's house. Realizing where Katsudon was going was related to the book, he and his team followed Katsudon to an underground structure. The team holds off the Duel Puzzles and he and Arashi head to the core of the building. He tried to help Katsudon pull the sword but to no avail, Jormungand, Thor Hammer appears as a guardian and explains to Katta about the Rage Crystal and dueled him to test him. Katta won and Katsudon acquires a new form after obtaining the sword and crystal. Katta receives new cards and used them to defeat Detroit Techno.

In episode 44, Katta and his friends enter the destroyed Oracle headquarters with the help of the police detective. Using the Book of Outrage and Book of Oracle, the dimension reactor was powering up and Katta was drawn by it, causing him to enter the reactor with Katsudon following him. In the reactor, he saw flashbacks of the events happening in the creature world years ago. He and Katsudon witnessed the war between the Oracles and Outrages, making him realize the whole truth to the war between the two races. In episode 45 Zorro Star in his other form, Zorro A Star, Mantra's Prison Break attempts to destroy the reactor, Katta and Katsudon managed to activate the barrier in time. Once outside, he explained to Benchan, Bucchake, Yohdel and the rest of Team Exile the whole truth of the Outrages and Oracles. They then got assaulted by Rei, losing the Book of Outrage. Katta enters the reactor again to try to convince Rei to return to them, with Team Exile using their powers to power up the reactor. Katta succeeded in convincing Rei's human side, allowing her to break free and battle her Oracle side. He then duels Zorro Star and won, with Rei winning her Oracle side and returns to Katta and his friends along with Bhutan. Dragon Ryu and Prin Prin later joins them, bringing them food as the team had not eaten for some time.

In episode 47, in order to avenge Rei and Bhutan, Katta duels Izumo in the Duel Zone. Even though Izumo's final form, God Izumo, Lawless Godkind proves to be too much for him to handle, he managed to defeat Izumo with Katsumugen, Climax. Due to Izumo's defeat, everything was back to normal and Rei and Bhutan were revived. Katta catches Rei, falling onto Bhutan in the process. After Katsudon combines the Outrage Crystal and Oracle Jewel together, he explains to Katta that the Outrages may soon return to their world. The Outrages got shares of curry bread and enjoys them as a farewell party. However, Zorro Star got the sword and Katta's team went back to the dimension reactor to end the war.

In the final battle against Yomi, he uses his comrades cards with most of the members of Team Exile, saying how he and his comrades can defeat him and his belief in them. He used an overwhelming combination of his comrades and defeated Yomi, saving both worlds. He reunites with his friends after the futuristic world was broken down and Team Exile returns to their own world with some farewells, bringing the book with them. He returns to Prin Prin and Dragon Ryu's house and worked on preparing the night concert together with his friends and Reiji. After the concert, he says his farewells to Prin Prin, who was returning to her own world and had a duel party together with his friends and others who assisted him in his dueling journey.

Duel Masters Versus

Katta is now a secondary 2 student after 2 years since the events of Episode 3. He can no longer use his "Victory mode" as he has a plaster on his forehead where the "V" scar would be. His hair is also consistently red just like in the package of booster packs.

In episode 1, he decided to return to dueling. His childhood friend, Lulu Takigawa gave him a pre-constructed mono Fire civilization deck and he dueled Justice to help Hokaben to get his curry buns back. During the duel, he used the combination of Batoraio, Victory Blastdragon with his other fire creatures to win the duel. Hokaben was impressed by his dueling skills and decided to learn how to duel, giving one of his curry bun to Katta. Unknown to him, Lucifer and Kojiro was also watching the match. He reunites with his old friend Benchan in Genius Middle School and learned about the Dragon Saga and Draghearts. He lost to Benchan's Q.E.D., Dragment King and re-modified his deck. He managed to convince Bucchake to return to dueling by using the new cards he added to his deck. He encountered Kojiro Sasaki and his 3 smaller brothers during his running exercise with his friends and dueled him. He lost to Kojiro's Deathshiraz, Devil Corrupt King.

Even though he have not dueled in a period of two years, he was still remembered by other duelists, shown in episode 5, during the Duel Masters District Tournament. He managed to advance towards the semi-finals without difficulty and realized his next opponent is Benchan.

In episode 6 he received Glenmalt, Dragon Edge and later Gaiheart, Galaxy Sword/Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon from Lulu. He used the 2 cards during the semi-finals duel against Benchan, performing dragsolution for the first time and winning the duel. He faces off Lucifer in the finals. However, he was unable to complete the duel due to Lucifer collapsing and became the tournament champion. Lucifer's dueling style had stayed on his mind and he was spaced out for a while. He encountered Dragon Ryu, who sets up the oden shop and have a few helpings of the food he made. He dueled Dragon Ryu in the next day, regaining his confidence when he remembered the time both of them dueled against each other in the past. After witnessing Kojiro and Sasori dueling against each other, he got even fired up on working on his Fire Dragon deck.

Katta's friends holding the things he used in the past

He received Gaial, Leader Dragon Sword/Gaiburn, Furious Leader Dragon from Dobin Sensei after testing his rebuilt Dragon deck to familiarize himself to the Dragon Saga and dragsolution. He remembered the cards he used during the Duel Carnival 3 years ago, Gaial Kaiser, Boost, Crimson Lord and Dragonic Pippi needed for him to meet the conditions for Gaial, Leader Dragon Sword to dragsolution and also received an invitation to the Lucifer World Cup. While he was searching for the cards, the things he used in the past were scattered around the room (A necklace case, a Piara Heart stuffed toy and the Duel Masters Detectives signboard).

He found the cards in a time capsule and made a Super Victory Deck for the Lucifer World Cup. He learned about the Elite Four (Sasori-Nature, Benchan-Water, Kojiro-Darkness and Lucifer-Light) from Yohdel and replied that he was the strongest Fire duelist among them in front of the camera during the tournament opening, making a slight embarrassment to himself and others. He won against Helen, and thus proceeding to the next round and worked with Lulu about his next opponent Kojiro.

Katta throwing away the wish

In episode 14, in the Lucifer World Cup semi-finals, he dueled Kojiro. However, Kojiro's dueling skills are too much for him to handle, so he lost the duel and injured his hand in the process. He was stung by Kojiro's words of not being as strong as what he expected to be in and throws away the wish he had written and hung on the wish tree in the night after the match. He still was unable to cope with his loss against Kojiro, venting out his frustration and apologize to Lulu for being unable to win the duel. In episode 16, he witnessed the battle between Lucifer and Kojiro in the finals. Impressed by both of their dueling skills, his duelist soul was fired up. During the post tournament party, Lucifer gave him Gaial Mobius, Victory Emperor, saying his wish of Katta to become stronger to duel him again.

Katta and Lulu in the fireworks festival

In episode 17, he was invited by Dragon Ryu to come to his house and modified his deck with the card he received from Lucifer. He ended up dueling Reiko and was almost pushed to a corner by Reiko's mono Darkness deck and her dueling skills. He was willing to continue the duel despite the dangerous conditions as he knew that he needed to become stronger to fight Kojiro and Lucifer again. Fortunately, he managed to draw Gaial Mobius, Victory Emperor, using its effects to win the duel and got a surprise party from both Dragon Ryu and Reiko. He got tickets to the water theme park Dragon Ryu worked in and met Benchan. He joked Benchan about being a bookworm till the lifeguard tells them off not to duel and read on the pool. Along with Lulu and Benchan he then witnessed Hokaben dueling Sasori, her new trump card and her Nature dragon combination. He and his friends watches Bucchake being part of the Haraguro X concert as an exhibition duelist. During the fireworks festival, he dueled Bakudan Yarou and managed to defeat him on time to stop him from ruining the fireworks festival. He then met Lulu and both of them watched the fireworks together.

He later learned about the Duel Masters National Tournament and the tournament structure from Lulu. He decided to participate as he know that the Elite Four will be part of the nationals. He lost to Benchan's Evidegoras, Dragon Sonic Aircraft Carrier / Q.E.D. Plus, Final Dragon Logic, therefore he have to enter another shop tournament to earn a spot in the nationals.

In episode 23, he received a pet hamster named Hamukatsu from Lulu as a companion. He also received a Victory card Gaiglen, Violent Dragon Incident when he completed a challenge to eat up an extremely spicy curry bun in a restaurant under Lulu's recommendation and became fast friends with the manager of the restaurant, who was also a fan of Duel Masters and a card collector of Fire Civilization cards. Using the card, he won against Justice in the shop tournament and earned a spot in the nationals. He helped Hokaben, together with Benchan, Lulu and Bucchake in episode 24 to build his mono Fire deck for the competition. He even gives him one of his own Batorash Knuckle, Blastdragon to add to his deck, allowing Hokaben to win the shop tournament and earing a spot in the nationals.

During the school field trip to Kyoto in episode 26, he was lured by a trail of curry bread to a secluded area of the city together with Lulu Takigawa. He then encounters a mysterious masked duelist named Gyou who was after Lulu's Javeleon, Beast Lance / Leosaiyu, Beast Cathedral / Leo the World, Zenith Heavenly Saint. He intercepted his attention only to be kidnapped by Gyou and has to watch Lulu fight. He was impressed by Lulu's dueling skills and her ability to conduct 2D and 3D Dragsolution, supporting her during the whole duel. Like Lulu, he was shocked by the hidden power of 2D and 3D Dragsolution Gyou demonstrated and his dueling style.

Katta carrying Lulu, depressed over not being able to protect Lulu

When Lulu lost and fainted, Hamukatsu bite through the bandages, freeing him and he catches her, enraged by what Gyou had done to her. He carried her back to the hotel, depressed over not being able to protect her. On the second day, he bought some food for himself and Lulu, with Bucchake snapping back at him about not being serious to Lulu's current condition. He then met Yohdel and Justice, and Yohdel gave him Batorai Edge, Blazing Sword /Batorai Keep, Blazing Castle / Batorai Bushin, Blazing Deluxe. However Gyou returns and kidnaps Justice, Yohdel and Bucchake and Katta got angry of what he had done to Lulu and his friends. To free them, Katta fights him with his card at stake. Despite being affected by parasites that Gyou attached to him that poisoned him, Hamukatsu gave him curry bun as an antidote and Katta won the duel and gets Lulu's card back. Gyou escapes to another building after their duel, giving a warning to Katta that it was not over yet before leaving.

Katta being blessed by Dragons

In episode 29, he dueled Lulu Takigawa. Even though Katta got the upper hand, Lulu managed to turn the tables by using her own Leo the World, Zenith Heavenly Saint effects and her Light creatures in her field to delay a direct attack. In return, Katta managed to summon more dragons and uses Batorai Bushin, Blazing Deluxe effects to win the duel. Lulu then gives him a new Super Victory deck for the tough competition to come. Unknown to Katta, his older brother, Shobu Kirifuda was also awaiting him for time to come.

In episode 30, he and Hamukatsu were brought to a deserted island and met Dragon Ryu and Reiko. During the second day, he duels Dragon Ryu. During the duel, Katta was in a tight situation, but Hamukatsu brought him curry bread with the other hamsters from the sunflower field. Thanking Hamukatsu, Katta got back his energy, knowing who he was fighting for and uses the new deck and the Dragheart card he received from Lulu to win the duel. After his win, Dragon Ryu gave him his Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious, Prin Prin, the Victorious and Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious which is needed to complete his Super Victory Deck then leaves the island via motorboat. However, he fell under another canopy trap again and was transported to a different location together with Hamukatsu.

Katta being made to arrange his cards back to the proper order by his mother in their duel

In episode 31, he and Hamukatsu were transported to a town and met Lulu, who arrived to support him thanks to his brother's message, which pinpoints his location to her. Learning that 'Mr Match', who was actually his brother is the one that told Lulu about his location, he tried to project how he looks like. His next opponent in the second challenge before the nationals is "Lady Clay Pot", who is none other than his own mother, Mai Kirifuda. However, he did not immediately recognize her on first sight. He was made to do some chores under his mother's instructions and dueled her during the second day. Before their duel, Mai passed him Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush for him to add in his deck. Remembering how this card had helped him in the past, he asked to it if he is willing to fight alongside him again, even though he no longer able to hear the voices of the cards. When he was pushed to a tight situation, he replied that this draw will determine the outcome of the duel. This scene reminded his mother about his brother, Shobu in the past. He drew Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush, gaining an extra turn by its Gachinko Judge ability and winning the duel. He received Gigaheart, Invincible King Sword/Ohginga, Strongest Passion from Dobin Sensei after his victory and got transported to an apocalypse-like location together with Lulu, where Shobu was waiting for them.

In episode 33, he duels against his older brother Shobu Kirifuda for the final challenge before the nationals. Even though Shobu got the upper hand due to his strong dueling skills and pressuring Katta on his weaknesses in the past, Katta managed to overcome it by using Glenmalt "King", Dual Sword Dragon Edge and conducting double dragsolution with his Ohginga, Strongest Passion and Gairaioh, Victory Head. He calls his older brother an idiot and went an all out attack on him. He summons Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon from the hyperspatial zone by using Ohginga's effect, shouting that he was no longer the younger brother he last remembered, declaring a direct attack and won the duel. After the duel, he rekindled his bond with his brother after many years of separation and asking about his plans in the future. Shobu encouraged him to win the nationals and both he and Hokaben managed to clear the regionals, proceeding to the nationals of the Duel Masters National Tournament. After returning home he observes the statue of his older brother on the park with a smile on his face before having a few helpings of curry bread together with Lulu.

In episode 34, he and Hokaben were guests of the Duel Masters talk show as they are the finalist, which was held in Lulu's card shop. He appears super confident at first before the show was broadcast live, however, Bucchake's words about the show causes him to break down. During the talk show, he was unable to say anything and only appears confident in the last minute of the show. Based on his duel profile about the finalists, he was indicated to be a former champion who returns to the world of Duel Masters after 2 years. The rest of the finalist of the Duel Masters National Tournament watches Katta in the talk show in live broadcast.

Katta drawing Glenmalt "King", Dual Sword Dragon Edge

He promised Lulu that he will win the tournament. Before the tournament starts, his curry bread was replaced by bean paste bread, which he dislikes. During the duel with Komei, he was intimidated by Komei's schemes. Fortunately, his friends supported him and told him about Komei cheating during the duel. He got mad after learning this, but managed to keep his cool and replied back that this draw will help him defeat him. He pays Komei's cheating schemes back by drawing and using the combination of Glenmalt "King", Dual Sword Dragon Edge, Gigaheart, Invincible King Sword / Ohginga, Strongest Passion, Gaiohburn, Head General Sword / Gairaioh, Victory Head. When Komei cheated again by slipping Pythagoras, Geometry Squadron to the shield zone to send both Gairaioh and Ohginga back to the hyperspatial zone, in return, Katta uses Ohginga's other effect to put Gaiginga into the battle zone and won the duel.

During the duel between Benchan and Lucifer, Benchan expressed that his hard work is not a waste is because of Katta. Katta got amazed by Benchan's reason to fight and displayed his confidence when the camera flashed to him. He and Lulu were surprised that Lucifer crushed the blue rose that he had thrown on the clock. Helen then explained that Lucifer lifted his time limit to duel. He was shocked that Lucifer was able to avoid a direct attack and win despite Benchan having an upper hand in the duel.

He received a letter from Yohdel about the upcoming event from the organizers of the Duel Masters National Tournament, addressed by Lucifer. He learned that the organizers were planning for a 3-on-3 exhibition match as their New Year event. He along with Lulu and Hokaben worked together on their decks in the card shop for the tournament. Before returning home, he asked Lulu if she might have her own reasons for him to be in the National Tournament. Guessing that it was related to someone, Lulu showed him the letter and learned from Lulu the reason she wanted him to be in the nationals, in order to find her long lost family. After some turns in the New Year countdown exhibition match, only Katta and Lucifer was left standing. Before Katta could declare an attack after he conducts double dragsolution, a bomb which was hidden under the duel table explodes, destroying it and interrupted the match. Lucifer then replied that they will settle this match in the tournament rounds in the future.

He watched Kojiro dueling Sasori in the third round of the finals, finding Sasori's change in appearance and strategy interesting. He cheered and shouted back to Kojiro that he will get his revenge against him, therefore, he should not lose. Hattori made Katta look like his lord, making his friends laugh over his appearance. During Hokaben's duel against Gyou, he cheered for Hokaben. When Gyou undergoes metamorphosis after consuming a capsule, Katta was surprised and shocked by Gyou's monstrous form. Knowing Gyou's dueling style well because of their last duel, he warns Hokaben to be careful. He tried to stop Gyou from injuring Hokaben even further but was stopped by Benchan not to act recklessly, in which Katta later slapped Benchan. Katta then witnessed Hokaben's strong fighting spirit, with Hokaben regarding Katta as his rival and his fate in meeting him. After Hokaben's loss to Gyou, he attempted to get revenge on Gyou but was stopped by his friends. He was still enraged and depressed by that duel, but managed to keep a positive attitude, saying to Hokaben that he will inherit his feelings and defeat Gyou.

He got information about Lucifer's dire situation and rushed to the greenhouse to help him. After Hamukatsu, Lulu and Bucchake saves Helen, Justice and Yohdel and Benchan lowers the greenhouse temperature, he got mad at Gyou's cowardly tactics and encourages Lucifer to go all out as his comrades are now safe. He was happy that Lucifer gains a comeback and won the duel. When Lucifer faints by exhaustion, Katta held him by his arms and was enraged by Gyou, fueling his resolve. During Lucifer's match against Kojiro, he was surprised that Kojiro's boxing technique was stronger than last time. When Gyou revealed that he poisoned Lucifer, he was enraged but was calmed down by Lucifer. He cheered for Lucifer till the end.

Katta and his friends visit Lucifer in the hospital and saves Justice from Gyou's attack. He got extremely frustrated that the hospital staff had to calm him down. Justice then gives Katta one of Lucifer's cards, MaltNEXT, Super Battle Dragon Edge for Katta to add in his deck, asking him to fight for Lucifer. He then worked on his deck seriously, with Lulu giving him curry buns to give him enough strength to carry on. During his duel against Gyou, he was shocked that Gyou had taken some of Lucifer's cards and used them for this duel. He got mad at Gyou's insults and him mocking about dueling when Lucifer's life is on the line. With his burning spirit, he shouted back that he will win this match, as he had witnessed his fellow friends and rivals fought till the end, never giving up and he was fighting for them. Katta draws and cast Super Explosive Duel Fire, calling Gyou an unworthy duelist who don't deserve to be in the world of Duel Masters, removing most of Gyou's creatures in the battle zone, impressing the whole audience and his friends. Shobu was watching the match at that time. Katta then used MaltNEXT after seeing a future vision of the creature being alive in the battle zone, but his attempt to Dragsolution Gaiheart, Galaxy Sword was blocked by Gyou's The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind. He saw Lucifer's soul, realizing MaltNEXT other ability. He uses its Dragon Mana Arms ability to win the duel, defeating Gyou and Shobu's intervention to the situation ended Gyou and Benny Haha's villainous plans once and for all.

In the finals, he and Kojiro have to overcome challenges before heading to the duel location;the submit of Mount Fuji. During their race, both exchanged words on reasons to be in the National Tournament. Katta replied that he participates in place of Lulu and that others have supported him all the way through duels; Benchan, Dobin Sensei, Justice, Dragon Ryu, Reiko and Shobu. Both reached to the submit and Lulu ran along to the location, bringing Hokaben, Bucchake and unknown to her, Kojiro's three brothers in tow for extra support. Both engaged in the fierce final duel, with Katta determining not to lose like last time for the sake of Lulu. Katta gained victory with MaltNEXT and dragsolutions Gaiheart to Gaiginga, removing Kojiro's blockers. Katta's family and his friends celebrates his victory and he hold hands with Lulu when they return home. Despite that, he was still unable to help Lulu find her family, in which they should be part of the National Tournament.

Katta reading Shobu's letter

A few days after the tournament, he tried to help Lulu's grandfather on solving his problems. He received a letter from Shobu, showing it to Lulu in the card shop about his brother's well-being. He read the letter, learning that his brother had watched over him since the start of the tournament and Shobu encourages Katta to move forward as others are already waiting for him, noting that they will see each other again in the near future. Katta then asked for a duel with Lulu.

After his photo shoot job, Katta went to the card shop and talked to Lulu. He cheers for Lulu in her duel against Helen and witnessed her teary reunion with her brother Lucifer. He was glad that Lulu was able to see her real family at last, like how he met his brother again after many years. When Lucifer was introduced as a new student in the school, Katta was completely surprised. As Lucifer became popular among the students in the school, Katta became jealous and tried many ways for payback, but all failed miserably. During the party in the card shop, he learned from Lucifer the true reason for him to be with Katta's group and what happened during the time he was poisoned by Gyou and his match against Benchan. Lucifer also revealed about the card Katta have in possession, GENJI "Heaven", Passion Dragon will be used at a future set time. Without a choice, Katta has to duel Lucifer to change Lucifer's foreseen future. The last duel was held with Lulu playing the piano.

Victory Mode Awakened

In his final match, Katta and Hamukatsu were surprised that Lucifer's predicted cards are accurate and was pushed to the corner. He was cheered by his friends not to give up and conducts moves and summons that are not part of Lucifer's foreseen future, for example when he equips Gaiheart instead of Gaiohburn to Glenmalt "King". He then continues and expressed that he had went through the same situation as Lucifer, when he only regain consciousness a few years after his birth and he will never give up. With his final draw, Katta successfully summons MaltNEXT, Super Battle Dragon Edge and dragsolutions Heart Burn, Battle General Galaxy Fortress to GuyNEXT, Super Battle Victory Dragon, activating his "Victory Mode" for the first time after 2 years. With the final blow, Katta wins and saves Lucifer from his foreseen death.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

Katta and his friends went to the newly opened theme park, Duel Masters Land. While enjoying themselves, they watched a parade and Katta volunteers himself to duel the park's mascot, Duemouse in exchange for a prize; curry buns. During his duel in front of Mouse, he got a bit annoyed by Mouse's tactics and was being criticized by the audience for being rough. Katta draws and summons his new trump card, Evol Dogiragon and won. However, he did not notice that Bucchake got missing during the parade duels and a new enemy is within the vicinity of the park, which was later linked with his brother's past.

At school, Lulu informed him that Bucchake was missing. He along with Lulu and Hokaben sneak into the park at night to find him thanks to Benchan's information and was chased by Duema Mouse. Katta dueled Kojiro as he had blocked his way. After his win, he got information from Kojiro about the park's mysteries and the white castle. The next day, Katta was shown about the strange occurrences and sightings within the park by Lulu which had caused a great discussion in the blog. Afterwards, Katta and Hamukatsu were about to enjoy their meal of curry buns on the bridge when a motorbike duelist Basara kidnaps both of them and drove them to a motorbike arena within the park. During the high speed motorbike ride, he got dizzy and yelled at him to stop, which was proved to be futile. He was thrown off to the duel table after Basara reached the location and engaged in a dangerous duel against him after learning that he was involved in Bucchake's disappearance.

Katta's preception

He lost against Basara and fallen to the underground city within the park. He landed right onto Duema Mouse and got knocked out. Regaining his consciousness with Hamukatsu, he met the leader of the underground duelists, who explains to him about the duelists in the city and about Invasion mechanic. At one time, he got surprised that Gyou was there and ended up in a duel against him. During the duel, when Gyou summons his new trump card, Juranail, Seven Quakes World King and increasing his mana with Faerie Life, Katta got a sudden sense of what will happen next. Gyou encourages him to get back in the game and Katta won. Connecting to Bucchake's disappearance and the underground city, Katta and Gyou are given a warning about the duelist guarding the gate out of the city and the Revolutionary cards, which is the key to defeating the group of Invader race deck users.

After finding some leads, Katta along with Gyou and Waramaki found one of the places in the city where one of the cards is located; the hot springs. After relaxing there, they decide to peek into the girl's side of the hot springs. Hamukatsu went in and Katta got a bit excited over the ruckus caused. Hamukatsu managed to get the card but was caught by the landlord, Ultra Buddara. Katta dueled him to get the card and Hamukatsu back. After attaining victory, the group managed to escape the hot springs when it was about to self-destruct just in time. Waramaki explains that the card that they obtained, Flaming Meracchi is the upgraded form of Evol Meracchi. He also explains that they need to find another Revolutionary, Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution. He then trains with Gyou on using Burning Meratchi properly, not knowing that Hakase have another plan in store for them.

They traced the leads to Dogiragon and Wakamari told them the legend of Dogiragon and the war of the warring races in the Duel Masters World, which results in numerous casualties in both the human and creature world. After finding the location where Dogiragon was sealed, they have a hard time moving the door until Ultra Buddara equipped with a programmed armor attacked them. Katta dueled him and used Meratchi and Evol Dogiragon combo to defeat him. After the armor self-destruct, the path was open and Katta obtained Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution, in which the card and the dragon's soul was wrapped in chains. The main Gatcha robot 'Gachirobo' responsible for guarding the way out arrives and delivered a map for Katta and the group to meet it with Katta's friends at stake.

Dogiragon answers Katta's call

During their search for Katta's friends, Katta tries to figure out on releasing the Dogiragon's soul from the seal chains. Encountering Gachirobo and his friends being trapped inside, with the exception of Bucchake who was thrown out back to the surface, Katta decided to face him in a duel with Dogiragon's soul still being sealed. He was surprised that the Gatcha robo have the ability to activate a duel zone in which when a duel was played, the creatures come to life. He have a hard time with Gachirobo's swarm tactics, fortunately, Dogiragon answered Katta's call and spirit, breaking half of his chains and revealing his Revolution skill to prevent defeat. Katta defeated Gachirobo and got shot out of the underground city together with his friends, Gyou and Hamukatsu. Landing onto the safe spot, he and the group was applauded by the staff and Duema Mouse.

Despite being not fooled by the lies of the underground city, he received a Duel Phone as a key equipment for the upcoming Star Cup event. He even got more surprised that Duema Mouse was in Katta's school. He knew about the true objectives of the secret society members of the park and prepares himself for a duel against Duemouse. However, it was Kojiro that Duemouse will duel against, much to his disappointment.

Visiting the park again, Katta tries to figure out the connection of the underground city, Duemouse claims, and Dogiragon. He even tries to find out how to break the final seal chains. He visits the new attraction, Duepolis which was a gaming center and casino. After losing many rounds, he got excited when he heard that a duel will be commenced under the Star Cup rules, but later found out the dealer was Hakase in disguise and the one responsible for the mishap in the underground city. He dueled Hakase and compared his creatures to his gambling personality. He got intimidated by Hakase's probability prediction but did not back down. Dogiragon then breaks his final seal chains once more by Katta's call and strength to believe in the dragon's spirit, revealing his Revolution 0 skill and defeats Hakase with its own "7-Hit combo".

During the incident involving Lulu and Duel Masters Land, he learned her reasons of protecting her shop. The following morning, he was surprised that the land around her card shop was converted into an attraction and tried to reach her, only to be distracted by the attractions. He was almost too late to stop Basara before Lucifer intervened to halt the match. In school, Bucchake showed him a newspaper article of Haraguro X being attacked after their live concert and duel, with Katta not bothering that much. He have to go with Lulu due to the increasing number of incidents similar to Haraguro X. He was about to deal Matarou, who was a Darkness Invader deck user before Lucifer steps in to deal with him. He then learned that Lucifer was also investigating the dark secrets of Duel Masters Land and their Invader deck users, while possessing one of the sealed Revolutionary cards similar to Dogiragon.

Receiving a card

After school, he along with the others went to the underground base where Lucifer was present. Lucifer points out about the dark actions of the top 3 duelists of Duel Masters Land, in which if their opponent loses and lost all of their points, their decks gets destroyed. Katta found it unforgiving and received another sealed Revolutionary card, Iron Fist of Revolution for any battles to come. Benchan arrived to the shop, but was controlled with the Invader symbol on his forehead, even in attempt to destroy the card. Katta decides to deal with him and when he was in a pinch, his determination results in the seal chains of the card being broken and saves himself in a nick of time. After the incident, Lucifer points out that the park had taken tougher measures against them, Katta decides to do his best in the Star Cup preliminaries.

During the summer holidays, he became a running gag for Duel Blogger NOZOKIN's pranks. Recounting the incidents and waiting to ride on the water slide, he was caught in NOZOKIN's pranks again until Hokaben stopped NOZOKIN on his tracks and settled in a duel. When Katta unintentionally interrupted Lulu's thoughts, Lulu hit him hard and her grandfather took a photo of the scene. Both of them agreed that the picture should not be used as an advertisement but Waramaki took notice of it and escaped the underground city to meet them. At first, Katta was unable to recognize him until Waramaki reminded him about the previous events. Katta showed Waramaki the Revolutionary cards he obtained and the recent one he received from Lucifer. Lulu then got annoyed and throws Waramaki off the vicinity of her card shop.

He and his friends were allowed to use the school library to study and realized Basara had arrived by the signature motorbike engine sound. Excited over Lucifer's counterattack on Basara, he was visually horrified when Basara's motorbike was destroyed by the President of the park right in front of their eyes. Outraged, he punched Lucifer on the face, shocking everyone as this was not the aftermath he wanted for the duel. During the time Hokaben remained in school for baseball practice, he recognized the President of the Park charging for electricity in Lulu's card shop and chased after him. He even got more enraged by the President's act of taking away the electricity meant to light up the school baseball grounds and vows to end his plans.

After Lucifer went missing, he along with the others found an important message about the Forbidden Legend card. Returning to Duel Masters Land, they found out that most of the visitors of the park disguised as Duemouse, making it harder to find the real one. After some trail and error, Katta chases one of the remaining 2 Duemouse, turning out to be Rambo. Katta was about to leave but Rambo uses his bazooka to halt his escape. As payback for what happened last time(Duema Land President blackmailing Kojiro to defeat Katta and Rambo attempting to destroy his deck), he revealed to have gained 30000 points after being saved from elimination by Kojiro. Katta eventually won and unintentionally knocked him out. Taking Rambo's bazooka, he managed to shoot the walls down all the way to Lulu's location in the building. After Lulu won, he was intercepted by Duema Land President who was using a robot as a medium.

After learning the cruel unknown fate of Lucifer, Katta got enraged easily and spotted Basara on top of a roller coaster ride that was still under maintenance. He dragged Duemouse in order to operate the coaster to allow himself to reach to Basara. Encountering Basara's might under the influence of Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden, Katta lost in a hard way.

After his loss to Basara, he could not control his emotions of losing Lucifer (similar to how Shobu having an emotional breakdown when Hakuoh was under the Fua Duelists). His friends encouraged him to stand up and fight, which kept his spirits up again. Somehow, a letter that was inside the pod lands right in front of them. Katta read the letter and found out that it was addressed to him by his brother, Shobu much to Benchan's surprise as he did not meet him personally before (except for Lulu, Bucchake and Hokaben as they met him before). As Shobu might have the answers to the current situation, having a key card to fight the Invader race and was the only reliable person in the upcoming battle, Katta decides to meet him again as he had not seen him for a long time.

Meeting Shobu again, he learns that his brother had known everything and have found information regarding their family's main dragon;Bolshack. He receives Bolshack Dogiragon which was one of the Bolshack Dragons Shobu had found and read the ancient record about Bolshack and Dogiragon, learning about the legend of the 2 dragons. He ended up in a duel against his brother again for a second time, as Shobu had taken Hamukatsu. However it was only an act Shobu made as he noticed and guessed out Gyou's true intentions, with his only option is to train Katta as quickly as possible to learn to harness Bolshack Dogiragon's true power.

During the training duel, Katta successfully managed to use Bolshack Dogiragon's true power to save himself from a direct attack through its Revolution 0 Trigger ability. He was able to cheer up from his depression thanks to Shobu's encouragement. After his win and the organization's plans being foiled again by his friends, Katta thanks his brother for a great duel, though he gets back his statement by punching Shobu by the face. Before returning home, Shobu told them to be careful in the road ahead as the organization had taken drastic measures against them since they currently have more information about the 2 Dogiragons. Katta also agree with Shobu to fight alongside as comrades in the upcoming battle to protect the Duel Masters World.

Returning to his home with his brother's card, he decides to fight Basara again. He met a new mascot, Duewanko, who turns out to be a disguised Lucifer. Witnessing Basara's personality being darkened even further, he decided to end his senseless ambitions. Using Bolshack Dogiragon to save himself from a direct attack and the legend of the 2 Dogiragons, Katta got back in the game until it was interrupted by the duel table exploding, with Katta being saved by Lucifer and avoiding the blast in time. Enraged by Duema Land President's schemes, he attempts to punch the robot but he got away. Katta ended up dueling the controlled Duemouse as Duema Land President's last attempt to get revenge on him. Katta saves himself with a season of shield triggers, with Bolshack Dogiragon powered up by Flaming Borucchi. He eventually won and was utterly surprised when Duemouse's identity as a robot was revealed. He eventually allows Duemouse to stay in his home.

He decides to end Duema Land President's plans once and for all, with the team and Duemouse agreeing to his suggestion. The charge into the fortress, winning against Gen-chan, skipping Zon-san's stage and with Lucifer's support in Chuu-yan's stage to make it through. They were eventually trapped in the fortress, which was actually a gigantic robot in a model of Dueland, Transformation of Dreams and tumbled to a control room which Hakase formally resided. Through the control room monitors, they were able to see Basara dueling Duema Land President and the situation outside the castle, much to his horror on the destruction outside. The team breaks into the room where both Basara and Duema Land President were but the President was about to make a getaway. Lulu throws the duel table directly at Duema Land President, which results in the destruction of the fortress. Fortunately they made it out alive and discovered that the President's true identity was actually his brother's sworn enemy, Benny Haha. Angered by the fact that his longtime plans were foiled again, Benny Haha retreats, swearing that he will get revenge on both the Kirifuda brothers.

When the residents of the town was zombified by Zon-san, Katta and the team made a getaway to a safe place and discussed about their plans. As he was the remaining one who was not zombified, he dueled against Zon-san. He was able to overwhelm Zon-san with his swarm tactics before they were removed on the field. Fortunately, he was able to save himself from direct attacks 3 times in Zon-san's turn and defeated him. At the same time, the town residents were turned back to normal and he foiled Benny Haha's plans again. In order to find out about Benny Haha's plans and hideout, Benchan uses his machines to hack into Duemouse's memory. They were able to deduce the location of the hideout, only to find out that Benny Haha had prepared his last attempt of revenge. However, this plan was foiled by Duemouse as he sacrifices himself by destroying the tower along with him.

Katta and Duemouse's DoroDoroDraw at the final battle againest Benny Haha

A few days later, he found out that his friends were late in a gathering to the cardshop. Only to witnessed that Benny Haha was the one who kidnapped his friends and Hamukatsu. Knowing that things will worsen if he did not act now, he decides to duel Benny Haha to end his insane lust of revenge and finish what his brother Shobu had unknowingly started more than 10 years ago. Even though Benny Haha's dirty tricks gave him a hard time (similar to what Shobu and Hakuoh have faced years ago), he managed to use his new card, Perfect Defense to prevent Benny Haha's automatic win through Gyuujinmaru, Legendary Identity automatic win conditions, backed up by his "Victory Mode" when he hears Dogiragon's voice. At the same time, Bucchake who survives the blast gives him a thumbs up as a signal. Without any worries of his friends being in danger, he goes all out, even proving that his opponent's unfair plans won't work anymore. With Shobu's Bolshack Dogiragon and his own Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution, he was able to secure a win against Benny Haha. At the same time, he was able to successfully deliver Duemouse's true feeling towards Benny Haha that dueling was meant for fun and not for revenge (though he looks like he was about to give a beating). In the end, Katta was able to end Benny Haha's grudge against the Kirifuda family, something which Shobu was unable to accomplish.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final

In their usual day of hanging out of the card shop, Katta temporarily takes out the plaster on his forehead. However, he was unaware that his action has caused some cards from different areas to react. He heads to school and spotted Bosskatsu, but dismissed it as he thought that he was just a regular mouse. He accidentally steps onto Hamukatsu along with the card frame which Bosskatsu have tossed right onto Hamukatsu, resulting in him fusing with the card and gaining an ability to speak.

In the usual school day, he unknowingly avoids or backfires the traps and tricks set up by Ijiwaru Nokiyomori, a member of the Rare Killers. He duels Ijiwaru, even adding Hamukatsu, who was currently Hamukatsuman, No.1 Wind in his deck, though he did not notice Bosskatsu, who was Bosskatsu, Man 2 slipping into the deck. In his attempt to make a turnaround, he draws Bosskatsu, much to his surprise as he was not originally in his deck. He follows Bosskatsu's instructions to summon Hamukatsu and attack Walsura Prince S despite the power difference, allowing Bosskatsu to swap places with Hamukatsu through his Revolution Change ability. Katta eventually secure a victory with both Hamukatsu and Bosskatsu. He eventually allow Bosskatsu to stay in his home.

He and Hamukatsu was presented the new creature model that Bosskatsu have built, but rejected it straightaway and leaves him at home to head to school with Hamukatsu. He returns to the card shop and meets Dragon Ryu and barely recognizes him due to his weight gain. He later reveals to his friends that Dragon Ryu was the one who seals off his "Victory Mode" after his battle against Lucifer from the previous season and told him the strange events when he releases the seal; Hamukatsu and Bosskatsu. He was later targeted by Ijiwaru's traps but got saved by Dragon Ryu every time, which ironically helps Ryu to lose weight till his normal size and Ijiwaru wanting to pull his pranks on his target's rival. He ended up with a duel against Ijiwaru again and Bosskatsu presents the new creature model and card for the duel. He summoned one of Bosskatsu's new Revolution Change creations, Briking, Deluxe to the battle zone by swapping places with Bosskatsu, securing another win. Before Ijiwaru leaves, he gives a warning about the Rare Killers going after him.

At one occasion, he was caught on camera but was just on the background about Team Hamukatsu talking in their hamster form. Katta eventually meets Leo and Nai again, even introduced to his creature partner Damama. During the Student Council President rally, he only scored 2 votes, losing to Leo and another contestant, who turned out to be his former elementary school classmate Maria Ave.

After winning against Ijiwaru again, Katta got suspicious about the Rare Killers. Lucifer came and informed them about the Rare Killers objectives, even about the leader Basara. Katta carelessly removes the plaster on his forehead, causing everyone to panic and unknowingly, results in Dokindam X gaining a power up. His powers were then sealed by Dragon Ryu, who yelled at him not to release it. He remained in the card shop till late at night to reassemble his deck with his hamsters and decides to add Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution again.

Victory Mode slightly activating

Katta then takes a stroll around and visits the stadium where he have the last duel with Basara in the previous season. He encounters Basara again and decides to stop him, with his 'Victory Mode' slightly activating. In the duel he noted on Basara's change of play style and the civilization he uses; Darkness and Fire. He was overwhelmed by the new D2 Field cards related to Dokindam X, forcing him to change strategy. Despite trying his best, he and Team Hamukatsu were defeated by Basara and Dokindam X, with Dogiragon taken away. Back in the card shop, he apologized to the creature spirits for being unable to protect them and stayed depressed for some time. This comes to a point that Hamukatsu and Bosskatsu have to forcefully feed him with extra spicy curry bread that they made, enough for Katta to get his spirits up.

Katta swears to save Dogiragon's soul, but not without finding the third member of Team Hamukatsu. Duemouse brought Katsuemon with him, which confirms to be the last member of the team and receives an armor card for him. He brought him to the shop to show to his friends about his new comrade, but got interrupted by Ijiwaru, who have Dogiragon with him and blackmails Katta. Katta got extremely enraged when Ijiwaru steps onto the card to the point of accepting his challenge, with Team Hamukatsu joining the fight. His anger rises even more when Ijiwaru uses Dogiragon as his own in the duel. Katta managed to save himself with a Blazing Tiger, Crimson Lord shield trigger to remove most of Ijiwaru's creatures and summons Katsuemon as Katsuemon, Blade 3 through Revolution Change, removing the last blocker. He won the battle and punches Ijiwaru hard as payback for disrespecting Dogiragon's soul. He was overjoyed to get his card back and Katsuemon uses the armor card to evolve the dragon to its new form, Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader. Through this battle, Katta and Team Hamukatsu gained a new ally and a stronger form of Dogiragon.

Katta was eager to use the evolved Dogiragon and his wish was fulfilled when a member of the Rare Killers, Ari Kamone challenges him to a duel. Katta and Team Hamukatsu accepts the challenge and he uses a "4 Stage Revolution Change" with Hamukatsu, Katsuemon, Briking, Deluxe and Dogiragon. He uses the Final Revolution to summon Hamukatsu and Katsuemon, much to Bosskatsu's dismay of not being used in battle. After school, he assures Bosskatsu that he is still the superior of the team. In his home baths, he accidentally knocks down Duemouse to reveal Utsubomi Kazura in the suit, much to his embarrassment. She eventually meets Katta again when she was transferred to the same school.

Katta and Team Hamukatsu securing their victory

He later reassembles his deck at night, noting on Bosskatsu's absence. However, during his dessert break, he got a call from Kojiro that he kidnapped Lulu. He and Team Hamukatsu immediately rushed to the abandoned warehouse. Bosskatsu rejoins the team and reveals his new form. Even though his newly assembled deck manages to counter Kojiro's Jigokushivaku, D2KDarth Sith K, Dark Armor and Haridelberg, Hell of D combination, his battle and mana zone was wiped away by a combination of Sanctuary of Earth and Demon and Dorballom, Lord of Demons. Fortunately, Katta uses 4 copies of Dragon Emperor's Emblem, activating its Revolution 0 Trigger to avoid a direct attack and recharges his mana zone. He finally draws Bosskatsu's upgraded form as Bosskatsu Buster, No.2 Man and conducts Revolution Change with Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader, summoning Team Hamukatsu and won the duel. With Lulu saved, Katta was given subtle hints from Kojiro about Basara's probability of not being human any longer.

After dueling Kojiro, the Duel Masters thanksgiving race begins with all of the past characters in the VS series appearing to take Katta's seat as the main character of VSRF. He was at first lariated by Hokaben with his feet tied by Ijiwaru Nokiyomori and was trampled over by the other contesters, wrestled by Rambo and Duenyanko with Hakase giving Rambo a bazooka to knock him out, Have to perform a bungee jump with a knee sock as a cord with Chuu-yan cutting the kneesock and Zon-san, Gen-chan and Duema Land President holding him in and sending him into the floor, then entered a stand with Hokaben, Lulu, and Bucchake in it. Lulu pretends to give Katta a curry bun which is actually a Jelly Bun, then has him drink a green, disgusting liquid. And then Leo appears and humiliates him, which caused him to become into a devilish, green figure and tied up the VSRF cast with a trawling net, ran over the Duel Masters Land cast with a massive boulder, and lured Utsubomi Kazura and Lulu into a pitfall. After then he reaches the final stop and duels Rokuro, Domyoji-Gonzaburo and Leo in a battle royale. However, when he is about to win, Ijiwaru takes his remaining shields and has Leo do the direct attack, only to have Leo get bonked by an oil canister by Katta. But when he is about to go to the end, Grandpa Danger appears and wins the tournament, then sabotages VSRF with the characters in his manga and clones of himself.

Angered, Katta challenges him into a duel which he reluctantly does, but when he dueled, he refuses to follow the game rules, such as blocking the attacks with his own head, sending out proxy cards from his deck and attempting to summon Bolshack Dogiragon without paying mana. He was eventually crushed by Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader and dragged away by his son, giving Katta back his main character seat.

Another day during the summer holiday, he was filming a video with NOZOKIN, but it was investigated by Officer Serious, a Rare Killers affiliated prison ward who hates all humor. Serious then indicts him and Hokaben into a prison where Hokaben was indicted due to drawing cards with snot. With NOZOKIN, Katta and hokaben in prison, Serious proceeds to bring another rare killers member that is a baby and a woman and forms a parent-teacher-association. However this time Lulu brings in a Duel Table and has Serious and Katta duel.

In this duel Serious trapped all of Katta's creatures in his shields and spams Jelvis, D2J with only 3 mana due to the number of cards in Katta's shields, and also sends out Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits to lock Katta's spells. However, Serious failed to break all of Katta's shields and on the next turn he was crushed by Katta's Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader. After then Katta, NOZOKIN and Hokaben escapes the prison via a helicopter, in which he was sent to hospital due to a high air drop.

Later on he and his friend's artwork were distorted due to a mischief made by the producers of the show and this eventually causes him and his friends to become into a pile of poorly drawn scribbles. They then went to the production tower to help and encountered Erito Erairo and his girl that represents Alice, Chaos Witch. Erito seems to fix them only to have them return to normal, then they were requested by Alice to go to the director's meeting center where the directors and Ido-Chu Kaeru have a meeting to decide ploys for the next episode. The producer of the duel masters anime SASA-KING then decides that Bucchake and Hokaben will disappear, Lulu will no longer be the heroine and that seat will be given to Kazura, and Lucifer replacing the hero seat of Katta. This has caused outrage and Katta knocked down the producer, the script writer and Deadman off the stage. Katta and the cast of VS then was invited to write their own episode. However, as they were leaving the production tower, they see the director, Deadman and the script writer appearing and challenging him into a duel. In the duel, the script writer uses a MaltNEXT deck involving summoning MaltNEXT, Super Battle Dragon Edge and GuyNEXT, Super Battle Victory Dragon in the third turn and succeeds to break all of Katta's shields. but when he breaks his last shield the shield was an Ifrit Hand which results in MaltNEXT being destroyed, followed by Katta running Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader and defeating the director. His episode then airs which features him being a super handsome boy with Lulu and Kazura with him and he encounters a Basara with a scribble as his face during his path to school. Katta defeats this Basara in a duel which causes Number 2 to watch the episode in total disgust in his base. However, the episode was so bad that he has to apologize to the public.

After the summer holidays are over, the Rare Killers invaded the school. As Katta's friends deal with the members of the gang, Katta decided to fight Basara. However, Lucifer dives in from the sky and declares that he will be the enemy's opponent. Despite protesting over the decision, Lucifer punches him away and duels Basara anyway. He witness Lucifer's evolved Team Doremi deck and shouted in shock when he was about to be defeated. He was relieved that his rival pulled it through with a Revolution 0 Trigger but realizes if Dokindam X was destroyed, Basara will be killed too from the previous battle against Benny Haha.

Katta's Victory Mode unconsciously activating by Dokindam X

Katta tries to reason to Lucifer, but Lucifer decides to end Basara for the sake of saving the Duel Masters World. However, the duel ended with a thunderbolt that struck Number 2 and Basara. Bewildered about the turn of events, his "Victory Mode" unconsciously activates, resulting in excruciating pain on his head to the point of fainting. At that time, he saw a vision of FORBIDDEN ~Star of Forbidden~ where the True Forbidden is encased in a sphere with duplicates of Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden surrounding it. He woke up, being tended by Team Hamukatsu, Lucifer and Lulu and told them that it was still not over. True to his words, Basara reappears carrying an unconscious Number 2 and the sphere in Katta's visions emerge, marking the battle that might determine the fate of the Human and Creature World.

He searches for Leo and Damama, who went missing after the reunion party. Upon learning from Lucifer about the situation involving Dokindam X, he followed him to the Rare Killers base. He saved Leo from being killed by the dark creature spirit in time and was forced to evacuate when the base was falling apart.

In another episode Katta was forced to baby play in order to deal with Ta-Kun. After a series of peculliar baby plays that included Kazura breastfeeding him, Katta was transformed into a baby via Bosskatsu's contraption and went to duel Ta-Kun in a place where old men were playing as babies. As katta is now a baby, Lulu and Kazura dueled for him. Ta-Kun swarmed Katta with a series of Milkboys but Katta had a Reckless Cut Scrapper as a shield trigger which destroyed all of them and headed for the win.

A day after the Scarlet Moon, he questions Team Hamukatsu about the events on the fateful night, in which the hamsters replied that they did not felt so good at that night. This brought him back to the vision he had saw. He assembles his deck with Team Hamukatsu for the battle against Dokindam X and to counter Basara's 'Zero Charge Kill'. However, Dragon Ryu was against the idea of Katta battling Basara as Dokindam X might me much more powerful due to the events of the Scarlet Moon. Upon learning from Ijiwaru about Basara's insanity and Kojiro's death made him more determined to end this.

He took down his thoughts in the park where the statue of his brother stands. Team Hamukatsu gave him their full support and he uses his 'Victory Mode' to find Basara. Dragon Ryu knows that he could not stop Katta from moving forward but he gave him a card needed for the battle. In the battle against Basara, Katta was startled by Basara's amplified powers, but did not back down. He summons Team Hamukatsu swiftly, determine to end it in 1 move. However, Basara was able to use Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon, permanently sealing all of Team Hamukatsu and breaks all of the shields. He retaliated with an Oriotis Judge shield trigger, but was backfired by Basara act of sacrificing 2 of Dormageddon X's forbidden cores and went for the Direct Attack. Even though he lost and might have been trapped in Dormageddon X's dimension, Dragon Ryu in a form of Ryusei the Earth rescues him. However, as soon as Dragon Ryu did so, Dragon Ryu was injured and Basara suddenly mutates and goes into a murderous rampage attempting to kill Katta only to have Number 2 stop Basara and sending him away via bike with Basara having no further thought about what he is doing.

Due to the aftermath of the battle and Basara's loss of his humanity in the battle, Katta went into deep depression (similar to Shobu's fear of dueling due to hearing voices of creature spirits). This went to the point that Team Hamukatsu have to use extreme measures to get him back to his usual self.

Katta and Team Hamukatsu were indirectly guided by Katsudon to a city of hamsters to strengthen the team. Upon reaching the underground city, Katta immediately recognize Katsudon in a form of a statue, with Bosskatsu and Katsuemon immediately shocked by his look. Before pondering on why Katsudon was guiding him, they were ambushed by the hamster inhabitants, who mistook them for intruders. After the misunderstanding was resolved, 3 of Katsudon's statue lit up, the light directly sent to Katta's deck.

In order to return home, Katta have to find his hamster counterpart, who cannot stand up to Dormageddon X and joined a hamster version of the Rare Killers as No.3. eventually engaging in a duel against him. Katta first uses Bosskatsu and Katsuemon's final form as Bosskatsu Knuckle and Katsuemon Sword, Double Hero to destroy Hamster Katta's Cocco Lupia through force battle. He managed to break 3 shields, but Hamster Katta retaliated by using Faerie Gift in conjunction with Cocco Lupia to summon Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush, along with other previous trump cards Katta uses in the past with similar tactics. This made Katta realized that this duel was not a way to find an answer to return home, but rather, battling a mirror image of himself. Despite losing all of his shields, his friends keeps cheering for him. This made him realize that in order to exceed levels, he need to face himself. Katta pulls a Revolution Taiman Shield Trigger to stop the turn and Blue Dragon Earth to summon Hamukatsu as Hamukatsuman Ace, Brave 1 from the mana zone. As a final act, he conducts Revolution Change with Hamukstsu and Dogiragon Buster. He removes the sticker on Dogiragon's card, revealing its final form as Final Dogiragolden and lockdown his counterpart's creatures. With Scramble Change, he summons Hamukatsu again and both attack for the win.

During Christmas Eve night, he was still slacking off despite the situation becoming worse until Benchan returns from America to show the data he gathered after Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon's awakening. As the actual spirit of Dormageddon X was approaching Earth from space, Katta tries calling the news about the threat but does not work. Team Hamukatsu and Katsuzo Kirifuda tells him that it was no use and the only way to learn the truth is to visit the Ancestral Lands of the Kirifuda Family.

Katta was forced to accompany his grandfather and brave through the snowy mountain range and snowstorm to visit the grave of his ancestor, Kirifuda Z. It was when the spirit of Z approached to him right at his face, scaring him. Z then concluded that Katta was still not ready to protect the world and shows him the worst possible outcome if Dormageddon X was not defeated through Katta's "Victory Mode". In order to test his worth, Katta have to fight him while using a blank card given by Z. In the duel, Katta sent out Final Dogiragolden quick but when he was about to defeat Z, he sent out a Revolution 0 Trigger Bolshack Dogiragon and reversed by sending out Bolshack NEX. Then Katta's shields has the blank card and it was entered by Team Hamukatsu and transforms into Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go! and reversed the situation by removing Bolshack NEX and headed for the direct attack.

Katta returns to Lulu's card shop, only to see Leo and Nai on their private UFO set. Leo inform them as Basara's situation had became worse than before, he decided to get the item that Basara's father Jigoro Akagiyama entrusted to him, hoping to regain Basara's humanity. As the wheel of events began to turn, Katta and his allies rushed to the location where Basara and Number 2 were due to Hakase and Rambo's message. However, they were too late as Basara had fully mutated and launched into space for Dormageddon X's descent.

As the last resort, Katta was launched onto space first, unintentionally Bucchake was towed along. As Katta cannot stop the dark spirit's descent, he removes his spacesuit to use "Victory Mode" based by Hamukatsu's instructions (sent by Katsudon and Prin Prin). He launches shields in order to start the duel. As the duel also damages the physical world, Katta was horrified that the falling shield shards were also damaging and harming the people living in the area. He did not back down, as he have to prove to Basara that this world was meant for everybody, to live their lives freely and to decide on their own path and destiny, defying Basara's selfish ideals and nihilistic views of a World of Zero. Katta even reasons that even though there are some things in the world he don't like, he will still protect things that are precious to him, which was his reasons to continue living. He manages to use the Team Spell in good effect in order to release Hamukatsu from the seal and summons Final Dogiragolden through Revolution Change, locking down and destroying 4 of Dormageddon X's cores through its Final Final Revolution and secondary effect. However, the central core was left and received a major power up from Dordrain, Final Forbidden Beta, breaking the lockdown ability.

Katta commanding Dogiragolden to attack in space

As Dogiragolden's lockdown ability was rendered useless, Hamukatsu gives a suggestion to use him as a main component of a curry bun to feed Dogiragolden. Katta was against the idea as this means that Hamukatsu have to sacrifice himself, however Hamukatsu insisted that this was the only way, with the creature spirits agreeing and fights the copies of Dokindam X to buy time. Katta and Team Hamukatsu then creates their final card, Curry Bread of the Universe to power up Dogiragolden. He threw the spell to Dogiragolden, witnessing Hamukatsu's sacrificial act of getting fed into Dogiragolden. Katta then ascends right at Basara and punches him right at the face, with Dogiragolden destroying Dormageddon X. However, Dormageddon X attempts to destroy them with it by self destructing. Fortunately, Hamukatsu was saved as Dogiragolden have sacrificed himself to protect them. Prin Prin arrives and greets Katta after the long time, thanking him for saving both worlds. She also mentions that she got help from Katsudon, whom Katta immediately embraced in joy. Katsudon was unable to recognize him due to his age change until Katta's curry bread obsession made him finally identify him and both share a warm reunion hug.

Due to the final battle having used up all of Katta's powers, Katsudon was unable to commune in human speech and Team Hamukatsu lost all of their creature powers. As it was a price he have to pay for winning the final battle, Katta releases Hamukatsu, Bosskatsu and Katsuemon into the wild as regular hamsters. He also went on a space trip together with Prin Prin, Lulu and Dragon Ryu to bring Acme, Damama, Tech and Doremi who have lost their ability to commune human speech back to their homes in the creature world.

Katta and Lulu married

He and Lulu eventually traveled across the creature world for the next 7 years with Katsudon accompanying them. During their journey, both fell in love and bore a son Joe Kirifuda. He and Lulu raise their son to coexist with the creature spirits together with their creature friends before returning to the human world. He and Lulu returns from their journey and had sent out invitations to their friends and family of their return and wedding. Both of them reunites with their family and friends after a long time and both were wed in their presence. After the ceremony, Katta presents his toddler son, telling him not to be shy and introduce himself to them. Upon revealing that Joe was his and Lulu's child, all of the guest were surprised that they already have a kid.

Katta, Lulu and Joe lived together as a family for the next 5 years. Over the years, he became a research professor. He once caught Joe for secretly stealing one of his cards during his nap. He also observes Joe drawing his own trump card, Jolly the Johnny Joe and checks his deck, noting that the deck was unbalanced. Some time before the promised day, he passed a letter addressed to Joe to Basara, which was part of his plan to help Joe to improve to win against his rival Kira. Some time after Joe sees Kira off in the airport, Katta held his hand on Joe's shoulder, much to Joe's surprise.

Katta later accepts his son's challenge of a duel. During deck building, he have a bit of trouble due to not having Team Hamukatsu with him. In his duel against Joe, he was not holding back against his son, like Shori against Shobu. He spawned numerous creatures and was impressed by Joe's imagination of drawing cards based by his allies. In the final draw, Katta draws the very first trump card that marked the beginning of his dueling journey; Startdash Buster, Divine Hero Mech and commands a direct attack. He finally reveals to Joe that he will be joining his creature friends in the creature realm and Katsudon landed in front of his house. Katta then receives Joe's self-created cards based by all of his allies and boards into Katsudon's spaceship to the creature world.

Duel Masters (2017)

Katta in Joe's flashback

Katta was seen in Joe's flashback telling tales about the legendary dragons and their significance in the creature world. When Joe retrieves the dragon he had drawn a few years ago and asking Deckie to convert it into a card, Deckie replies that it was impossible due to the dragons being extinct in his world. Katta was mentioned upon by Joe regarding the issues about dragons.

Kirifuda brothers reunite in their elementary school selves

Katta was set to appear in the season, but as a form of his younger self together with his brother. When Joe Kirifuda attempts to create dragons by stuffing some of the Kirifuda Family archive photos into Deckie, this results in Joe falling asleep and entering a dream based by the memories and archives of the Kirifuda Family. Katta appears in his elementary school self, with Joe recognizing him as his father. When Shobu, Hakuoh and Rekuta appears in their younger selves, Katta questions why his brother appears in this form, with Shobu recognizing him and surprised that Katta had grown.

In the mountain rest stop, Katta and his brother shows Joe their dragon cards, much to Joe's amazement of seeing actual dragon cards in person. Matching to their competitive personalities, Shobu and Katta got into an argument on who's dragon is the strongest until Deckie summons Katsuzo Kirifuda, Shori Kirifuda and Mai Kirifuda. Eventually the brothers decide to settle the argument in a duel.

In the early stages, Katta summons Gaial Kaiser and broke 2 of his brother's shields, even thinking that Shobu was naive as he was unable to cast Hell's Scrapper Shield trigger. Shobu proves Katta wrong by using Bolshack Dragon's ability. Katta then summons Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal, tapping Shobu's Bolshack Yamato Dragon. But Shobu proven him wrong with a countermeasure and renders Katta's shield triggers useless with Bolmetus Steel Dragon. Katta reflected on the time he hated Duel Masters due to Shobu's assumed death and being compared to him by others, but with the help of close friends and other duelist, Katta loves Duel Masters. As proof of his love and strength, Katta summons Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush, gaining an extra turn with a win.

Later on Katta tries all of his son's Jokers capabilities, even mentioning to him about his adventures as Japan's champion. To test Joe's strength, Katta engage in a duel. He was proven to be a capable opponent in his younger years, being able to dispatch Gaial Ore Dragon, the Vainglory quickly, removing all of Joe's creatures but stopped by a last minute Time Stopon.

Shobu and Katta in their adult selves

During the end party, Katta teases Joe to think that he will give one of his dragons. Deckie reaches his time limit, resulting the created memories to disappear. Katta briefly appear in both his child and adult self together with his brother, believing that Joe will be able to become friends with dragons. He gives Joe a curry bread as a farewell gift and words of encouragement, in which after then Joe wakes up surrounded by the towering pile of files.

Duel Masters!!

Katta in Joe's flashback

Adult Katta was briefly seen in Joe's flashback when Joe tries to talk over Gap about the meaning behind brother bonds in a true duel. Even though Katta denies the comparisions in between them in terms of achievements while watching a television conference Shobu was participating in, he still considered not losing to him.


Duel Masters King Manga

Rise of King Arc
Adult Katta is in space on an unknown Planet. While being chased by an alien, Joe contacts him by using a Creature he drew. Katsudon transforms into Katsuking, Kung Fu Shogun to save Katta. After a brief chat, Joe shows off Bolshack Momoking NEX and Alcadeias Momoking to him. In return, adult Katta shows off Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden to Joe, which is now his. Momoking is at first scared, but it’s revealed to be friendly, and holds Katta in it’s hand while Katta eats curry bread. Suddenly, Katta is attacked and killed by Hyde. The feed he was talking to Joe on briefly buffers, before fully cutting off. Katsudon is shown trying to wake up Katta’s lifeless body.


  • For a list of Katta Kirifuda's decks, see here.



  • Katta and Shobu share the same Japanese voice actress, Yumiko Kobayashi in their childhood and teenage years. Joe also shares the same voice actress.
  • He has two cards named after him, Game On! Kirifuda Family! / Katta Kirifuda, Curry Bread Master and Katta Kirifuda, Curry Bread Boy.
  • His family name 切札 (Kirifuda) means "Trump Card" while his given name means 勝太 (Katta) means "Great Victory".
  • Before Duel Masters Versus, his hair is brown in the anime while it is red in the packaging of booster packs.
  • It is unknown where did all of Katta's Dragheart cards go after Duel Masters Versus.
  • After the Victory V season, Katta was not seen using his 'Victory Mode', meaning that he had gained the skills and experience as a top class duelists. However, there are a few exceptions; In the final duel against Izumo in Victory V3, in Lucifer's duel in VS and the final fight against Benny Haha in VSR. After Versus Revolution series, when Katta activate his Victory mode, he can talk to spirits, this is shown with the talk with Duemouse which should of be dead at that time. In Versus Revolution Final, he uses his 'Victory Mode' during his final draw stance and his final battle against Basara and Dormageddon X. Due to losing his 'Victory Mode', some creature spirits are unable to commune to human speech, though Katta was able to make up for the loss.
  • Both Katta and Shobu have some similarities that was noted in the anime seasons;
    • Katta's relationship with Lucifer mirrors Shobu's relationship with Hakuoh. At the same time, his relationship with Kojiro mirrors Shobu's relationship with Kyoshiro Kokujo.
    • Both use Fire as their main Civilization, with Dragons as their ace creatures. Coincidentally, their father was also associated with the Fire Civilization and dragons.
    • Both are known to be relatively hot tempered and get extremely angered if they lose their important friend or witnessing their friends being hurt or nearly killed by the main antagonists. The only difference is that Shobu's tempers are more scarier and serious than Katta.
    • Both are known to have creature partners; Shobu's partner is Reppi Aini in Cross Shock and Katta's partner is Katsudon in Victory V3 (later the hamsters from Team Hamukatsu in VSRF).
    • Both had fought major antagonists who considered themselves having the power of the Gods (Shobu fought Zakira, Mikado Kozuki and Adam; Katta fought the Oracles and Basara).
    • Both shares the same draw stance; swiping their hands on top of the deck and the top card was sent mid-air.
    • Both are constant intrigue and targets by other people who were either curious about their mysteries or had a vengeful grudge against them. The antagonists who targeted Shobu also targeted Katta as well.
    • Like Shobu, Katta was able to sense and communicate with creature spirits.
    • Both almost lost a precious friend or family member by the main antagonist but reunited with them later on;
      • Shobu almost lost his father and closest friends during the Fua Duelists Assault/Antarctica Conflicts. However, after the Antarctica Conflicts, he lost his memories and did not return to them until years later.
      • Katta almost lost Shobu after the Antarctica Conflicts but reunited with him years later.
    • Their final battle in the generation they were in involves major antagonistic creature spirits with the fate of both the human and creature world at stake. The difference is their fates after the battle;
      • Shobu's fate was left unknown after Adam's tower collapses until years later to confirmed to have survived
      • Katta managed to make it out alive after Dormageddon X self-destruct due to Dogiragolden protecting him and decided to travel in the creature world, having a child together with his wife Lulu.
  • In Joe Kirifuda's story saga, Katta's role is parallel to his father Shori Kirifuda; both characters taught their children concepts of dueling and departs to the creature world at some point of their children's life. Katta was the only known central protagonist to be married and be a parent.
  • Katta's average victory rate is the second highest of any duelist in the VS Saga. The highest is Lucifer and Basara.