Katsuhiko Kojoh

Katsuhiko Kojoh is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Katsuhiko Kojoh

Cards illustrated under the name of "Katsuhiko Kojoh".

 ■ Aqua Warrior
 ■ Armored Interceptor Bright
 ■ Bingole, the Explorer
 ■ Brutal Revenger
 ■ Cataclysmic Eruption
 ■ Choice of Destiny
 ■ Cubic, the Oracle
 ■ Dimension Splitter
 ■ Eagle Cargo, Guardian Treasure
 ■ Eclipse Lunatron
 ■ Feather Horn, the Tracker
 ■ Ikaz, the Spydroid
 ■ Jet Cyclone
 ■ Jil Warka, Time Guardian
 ■ Judgement of the Flame's Spear and the Water's Blade
 ■ Kabuto 1, Armored Insectobeast
 ■ Le Quist, the Oracle
 ■ Martial Law
 ■ Miracle Portal
 ■ Nial, Vizier of Dexterity
 ■ Para Proxion, Star Orb Guardian
 ■ Pardio, Castle Walls Guardian
 ■ Proteus, Spirit of Holy Force
 ■ Proxion, the Oracle
 ■ Rahars, Spirit Knight
 ■ Rain of Arrows
 ■ Rajasta, the Patroller
 ■ Ripple Lotus Q
 ■ Scowling Tomato
 ■ Secret Clocktower
 ■ Seventh, Light Divine Dragon
 ■ Seventh, Light Divine Dragon / Violen Spark
 ■ Solar Grass
 ■ Sopian
 ■ Surprise Totem
 ■ Trombo, Fractured Doll
 ■ Wheel, Viral Knight
 ■ Whirling Warrior Malian


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