Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters is an American animated series based on the Duel Masters trading card game created by Wizards of the Coast.


It is a revival of the Duel Masters franchise from Japan to American territories, and was produced by Hasbro Studios and MOI Animation.

It started airing on The Hub in June, 2012. It ran for 2 seasons, each containing 26 half hour length episodes.

The franchise was discontinued in August 2014.


"Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters is an animated action-adventure fantasy series that tells the story of Raiden "Ray" Pierce-Okamato, a talented 14 year-old creature tamer, ‘whisperer’ and duelist who along with his friends Allie and Gabe, battle the evil forces that are appearing in our world who have come through the Veil, to wreak havoc.

In the world of Duel Masters, other-worldly creatures, “kaiju” co-existed with mankind for thousands of years. All was peaceful for centuries, but now The Veil has begun to tear, and creatures are coming to Earth with frightening regularity. Mankind’s hope rests with those brave few who can tame the creatures…The Duel Masters!"

Race List

In the Trading Card Game, many of the races share similarities with cards in the Duel Masters card game, but also feature various differences and newly named races.

Kaijudo race: Duel Masters race: Notes:
Angel Command Mecha Del Sol
Aquan Liquid People
Armored Dragon Armored Dragon
Attack Raptor Armored Wyvern
Battle Sphere Light Bringer
Beast Kin Beast Folk
Berserker Humanoid
Blaze Champion Flame Command
Brain Jacker Brain Jacker
Burn Belly Machine Eater
Celestial Dragon Apollonia Dragon
Chimera Chimera
Colossus Giant
Corrupted Original race.
Cyber ​​Complex Cyber ​​Moon
Cyber ​​Lord Cyber ​​Lord
Cyber ​​Virus Cyber Virus
Dark Lord Dark Lord
Drakon Dragonoid
Dread Mask Devil Mask
Dune Gecko Dune Gecko
Earth Eater Earth Eater
Earthstrike Dragon Earth Dragon
Enforcer Initiate
Evil Toy Death Puppet
Fire Bird Fire Bird
Flying Fungus Balloon Mushroom
Fractal Berserker
Human Original race.
Inferno Complex Original race.
Invader Gladiator
Leviathan Leviathan
Living City Colony Beetle
Mecha Thunder Mecha Thunder
Megabug Giant Insect
Melt Warrior Melt Warrior
Mimic Pandora Box
Monarch Original race.
Mystic Original race.
Primal Champion Gaia Command
Riptide Champion Cyber ​​Command
Rock Brute Rock Beast
Rot Worm Parasite Worm
Shadow Champion Demon Command
Sky Weaver Sol Trooper
Skyforce Champion Angel Command
Snow Sprite Snow Faerie
Specter Ghost
Spirit Quartz Spirit Quartz
Spirit Totem Mystery Totem
Star Sentinel Starlight Tree
Stomper Armorloid
Storm Patrol Guardian
Survivor Outrage
Tarborg Hedrian
Terror Dragon Dragon Zombie
Tree Kin Treefolk
Trench Hunter Gel Fish
Tsunami Dragon Poseidia Dragon
Tusker Horn Beast
Undertow Engine Cyber ​​Cluster
Void Spawn Alien
Wild Veggie Wild Veggies
Zombie Living Dead


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  • With this new series, the Kaijudo: Trading Card Game and Online Game was released on June 26. This Kaijudo TCG is not compatible with the Duel Masters TCG, although game-play is nearly exact.
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