Civilization(s) LightLight NatureNature
Affiliation Team Usagi
Voice Actor 渡辺久美子
Kumiko Watanabe
Signature Card(s) Pumppump Panzer
Immovable, Proud Soul

Kabamaro is the third in command of Team Usagi and one of the new generation duelists that Joe Kirifuda encounters in Duel Masters 2017.


A pink creature that resembles a hippo. It can only speak "Kaba desume~" and is described by Pyonko-Hime to have "The Hand of God". True to this, it massages pretty well.

Its hands are too stubby to draw cards, so it uses its nose to snort the cards. When getting serious, the outlines on its body become shaggier. It can sniff out rare cards and its tears make good ramen ingredients.


Kabamaro appears as a recurring rival along with the rest Team Usagi and the group have been hunting cards for over 30 years. He works in Lulu's bar just to steal Joe's cards although it does deliver good massages.

One day Joe was told by The Ramen to catch a pink hippo to get ramen ingredients which he used his jokers to attract Kabamaro since it can stiff out rare cards. This resulted him in being beaten by Pyonko-Hime and General Rabbit and he is forced to tell jokes for the group. After he did so Kabamaro challenges him to a duel.

In the duel Kabamaro used Mafariich Tank to break Joe's shields and sent Pumppump Panzer to remove all of Joe's creatures, then it went for Joe's shields. However the last shield is Baron Gelacho which was just about right to stop the attack and it was defeated.


He uses a Nature Civilization Gransect deck.

He later on uses Light Civilization creatures such as Immovable, Proud Soul in combination with Pumppump Panzer.

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