Juvira Universe
(Juvu~ira Yunibāsu)
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Juvira Universe is an evolution extra win combo deck type.


It is an Extra Win deck that focuses on the combo of Poppo Juvira, Winged God-destroyer and Ultimate Galaxy Universe to evolve the latter on a Phoenix from the graveyard and win the game through its Meteorburn.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Poppo Juvira, Winged God-destroyer
Ultimate Galaxy Universe
Cores of the deck.
Supernova Grand Cross Absolute Cure
Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom
Zero Phoenix, Phoenix of Darkness
Phoenixes that fall in the deck's recommended colors so that there will not be any color screws.
Faerie Life
Jasmine, Mist Faerie
Dark Life
Mana Acceleration.
Scale of Bravery and Love Weenie removal and graveyard supply with Phoenixes.
Dimension Gate Search for the core cards.
Bishitto Amecchi Ultra Saver for Poppo Juvira. Good evolution bait for Death Phoenix.
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