Justice Innovation
知新イノベーションジャスティス (Inobēshon Jasutisu)
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Justice Innovation is a loop combo control deck type.


It is centered around the combo between Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God and Dragment Innovation. It is also known as Justice Loop, similarly to how Heaven's Gate Loop is named after Heaven's Gate.

Additionally, it can be looped with Wedding Gate. The main combination is Water Darkness Nature, although sometimes Light can be added as well.

Main cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God Cast spells with cost 6 or less from the deck.
Dragment Innovation Cast spells with cost 7 or less from the graveyard.
Wedding Gate
Earth Eternity Gate
Bring out Justice quicker.
Force Again Reuse Justice.
Duet Spiral
Hydro Commune
Loop parts.

Other candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Faerie Life Cost 2 mana ramp.
Pixie Life Mana ramp + recover Justice.
Dark Life Mana ramp + grave supply.
Mystic Treasure Chest Put non-Nature cards into the mana zone.
Faerie Shower Mana ramp + hand replenishment.
Colorful Dance
Scramble Typhoon
Streaming Shaper
Cyber Tune
Emergency Typhoon
Graveyard supply and gain resources.
Rarity Resistance In combo with Duet Spiral or Mystic Dreamscape.
Ghastly Drain
Psychic You
Necrodragon Bryzenaga
Get key cards from your shields.
Blade of Enchanting Pulses
Hogan Blaster
Inferno Sign
Team Doremi's Light Spirit Go!
Use Dragment Innovation or Justice easier.
Unidentified Objective Additional Dragment Innovation, Hall of Fame.
Hyperspatial Gallows Hole
Miraculous Plague
Lance of Tonginus
Lost Soul
Finisher spells.
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Classic defense.
Alpharion, Lord of Spirits Can be brought out by Gravity Zero if you loop 4 Justice and 1 Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit into the battle zone.
Hyperspatial Grip White Black Hole
Duerou, Weapon of Dreams

How to loop

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