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Junk Rare
カスレア (Kasurea)
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A Junk Rare (also known as a "Scrub Rare", "Reject Rare", "Cheap Rare") or "ハズレア" (Hazurea, meaning "Throwaway Rare" or "Dud Rare") in Japanese is a slang term for cards that are Very Rare or above that are extremely low in card power and will never be used in competitive play.

Due to this, their collective value is usually very low and most will only sell for around 70-300 yen. The reverse term is "Top Rare".


A Junk Rare is not something like the Quasi-Vanilla fatties like in DM-01 and DM-05 as most of the cards that are Very Rare or above is basically the same. (This includes Syrius, Firmament Elemental and King Tsunami as they are considered weak at that time due to their high costs. Additionally, they can be considered Junk Rares if they are in the same set as top rare and good stuff cards, such as in DMX-19 Super Rare 100% Pack.) It means something that is of the same rarity as many competitively useful cards but is extremely low in card power, often standing out from the rest.

Obtaining Junk Rares is considered among one of the worst outcomes in a Box Pull, only next to a box with no Super Rares and/or Victory Rares, or finding duplicate rares in a box.

Types of Junk Rares

Flat out useless cards

A type of junk rare that is so outright useless that they are often used in joke decks for novelty and might have a fan-base;

High Risk, Low Reward cards

A type of Junk Rare which has an effect that is not worth the risk and difficulty going for it;

Failed Remakes

A type of Junk Rare that is an attempt to remake a broken card that failed. Usually, these tend to be remakes of Astral Reef and Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian, although there are others as well.

Outclassed Cards

A type of formerly useful card that is outclassed by something else and there are some high-rarity cards in the same set that are still useful to this day;

Reevaluated Cards

High Rarity cards that were once considered Junk Rares but had seen use in recent combos;

High collect-ability cards

Some cards that are not useful in competitive play but has high collectability;

Comparatively bland cards

These cards tend to be somehow powerful but are bland compared to other useful cards from the same expansion;


  • A Common or Uncommon card is rarely called a "Junk Rare" as they can be easily obtained en masse and are the least of the player's worries.
  • A Promotional card is also rarely called a junk rare due to their high rarity.
  • Pulling Junk Rares are extremely common among any card game and among any player regardless of their usual luck.
  • Other terms referring to junk rares include "Paper" (紙), "Landmine" (地雷), and "Industrial Waste" (産廃).
  • Crath Lade, Merciless King in DM-07 and Aqua Master in DM-09 are easy to be considered Junk Rares due to their weakness, but as the other Super Rares in the set are just as horrible, They were actually not as horrible as a Junk Rare many others think. However, When they are pulled in DMX-12 Black Box Pack (Which contains many powerful reprint cards) they are usually considered horrible despite they are clearly included in the set for trivia and in-joke purposes.
  • Usually the more powerful the other rares are in the expansion the higher disappointment the person who pulls it out will be. For example, pulling Zabimeteus Musha BLACK in DMX-05 will create less disappointment than pulling Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight in DM-34 as DMX-05 consists of many weak cards, while DM-34 consists of many powerful cards such as Bolshack Cross NEX.
  • The expansion Super Rare 100% Pack is extremely infamous for one-fifth of the set consisting of Junk Rares along with many top rare and goodstuff cards. This is possibly done in order to deter the player from accessing said good stuff cards easily.
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