Jumbo Card
ジャンボカード (Janbo Kādo)
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Jumbo Cards are promotional cards that at an extra large size released by CoroCoro Comic.


Due to their size, they can not fit inside a regular sleeve or deck of cards.

  • However, as Gaiginga Soul, Star Dragsolution and other Jumbo Draghearts are put in the hyperspatial zone at the start of the game and is not required to be shuffled, they may be used for official play. However, this is not recommended as it clogs up table space.

The first released Jumbo Card was Metalwing Skyterror.

Due to the differentiation on the actual cards surface, the illustration for Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye and Überdragon Galactica "Sword Flash" Dragon have received different artist credits.

List of Cards

Can't be used in official tournaments:

Can be used in official tournaments:

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