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'''Julie Dillon''' is an [[artist]] for the Duel Masters [[TCG]] and [[OCG]].
'''Julie Dillon''' is an [[artist]] for the Duel Masters [[OCG]].

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Julie Dillon

Julie Dillon is an artist for the Duel Masters OCG.

List of cards illustrated by Julie Dillon

Cards illustrated under the name of "Julie Dillon".

 ■ Bikero Churis
 ■ Codefight Agatha Hercule
 ■ Codenight Bouquet Toss
 ■ Codenight Oreore Darkness
 ■ Cut Cake, Evil Guidance of Heaven Descent
 ■ Destruction Destroyer, Infinite King
 ■ Evelaurent, Mercy Dragon Elemental
 ■ Greatest Great, Zenith of "Life"
 ■ Morgen, Blue Defense Silver
 ■ Nijiiro Horanyan
 ■ Southern Renaissance, Resonance Dragon Elemental
 ■ Torigaburie, Advent Elemental

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