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Judgment Emblem
Japanflag.png さばきのもんしょう
Re Ryokaku, Sabakinoseido artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Sabaki no Monshō
Civilization(s): Light Light.png
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Category: Judgment Emblem

Judgment Emblem is a race in the Light Civilization.


It was first mentioned by DG ~The Thing Made By Man~ from DMRP-03 Feeling Joejoe Meraventure!!.

  • Spells that have a race have also been seen before, primarily on Knights and Jokers.

When a spell with this race is cast from your hand, you are able to put this spell face up onto one of your shields.

If you don't have a shield, the card is put into your graveyard. This is also true if you cast it from your graveyard or mana zone.

  • However, if it's cast with a ​Shield Trigger Shield Trigger ability, as it's cast from your hand, you are able to put it onto a shield after the cast.

The outer border of the card frame is decorated with a crystal pattern, as well as the card illustration forming an "Emblem". As the cards are presented in a Full Frame art, when placed on a shield, it appears as if the "Emblem" is on the shield itself.

In the animated series, the emblem of One Eye's Judgment is seen as Ov Sidia DG appears. The three emblems of Life Wing's Judgment (Wings), Violent Wheel's Judgment (Collar) and Condemning Thunder Mask's Judgment (Mask) appear forming the body of Savark DG.


Race Category

Other Judgment Emblem races include;


See also: Sabaki Z


Cards that support Judgment Emblem

Support Card: Effect:
Daiyamonsho, Choukounosabaki ■ If this creature is in the battle zone or face up in your shields, your Judgment Emblem spells cost 1 less to cast. They can't cost 0 or less.
■ Whenever you cast a Judgment Emblem spell while this creature is in the battle zone or face up in your shields, you may draw a card.
DG ~The Thing Made By Man~ ■ All Metallica and Judgment Emblems added to your hand from your shields gets "shield trigger".
Savark DG ■ At the end of your turn, you may cast a Judgment Emblem from your hand for no cost.



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