Jokers Dragon
Japanflag ジョーカーズ・ドラゴン
Phonetic: Jōkāzu Doragon
Released In: DMRP-04魔 The Rise of Master Dolszak!!
~Demon Phoenix of Moonless Night~
Civilization(s): Jokers
Group of Races: Jokers / Dragon
Japanese Wiki: 10195
Category for Jokers Dragon.

Jokers Dragon is a race of Jokers Dragon creature in the Jokers Civilization.


They are the first race of Dragons exclusive to a colorless civilization.


They are associated with the Jokers race.


Jokers Dragons are affected by all cards that affect Jokers and Dragons, but currently there are no cards or evolution creatures that specify Jokers Dragons.

See also: Support for Jokers and Dragon creatures



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