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Jokers Change is a keyword in the Nature Civilization.


It is exclusive to creatures with the Jokers race.

It allows an attacking creature to switch with a creature in your mana zone when you attack, reminiscent of the Revolution Change ability allowing you to switch with a card from your hand.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Jokers Change reads;

Jokers Change # (When this creature attacks, you may switch this creature with a Jokers creature that costs # or less from your mana zone.)


2 Bobobo Boboho
Nature / Creature


Jokers Change 4 (When this creature attacks, you may switch this creature with a Jokers creature that costs 4 or less from your mana zone.)


Cards with the Jokers Change ability

Cards that give your Jokers creatures "Jokers Change"


  • Q. Are creatures attacking using "Jokers Change" replaced by a creature or does it stay in the battle zone?
    • A. It is replaced by a Jokers creature from your mana zone. After the attack using "Jokers Change", the replaced creature takes over the attack. Although the attack continues, it is a different creature, so any effects from the original creature won't transfer to the new creature.
  • Q. What does it mean to "switch"?
    • A. When using "Jokers Change", the attacking creature is replaced with a Jokers creature from your mana zone. The attacking creature moves to your mana zone and a Jokers creature in your mana zone is put into battle zone tapped, continuing the attack. (If the attacking creature is untapped by some effect, creatures that you replace it with using "Jokers Change" will also be untapped.)
  • Q. Can I use abilities that trigger when a creature enters or leaves the battle zone?
    • A. Yes, you can use such abilities on both the attacking creature and the replacing creature.
  • Q. What happens if the creature can't be put into the mana zone or the battle zone?
    • A. In order to replace a card, it is necessary to completely exchange the location of both cards. If one card can't move, a replacement won't be established. For example, if an attacking creature has the ability to "stay instead of leaving the battle zone", the "Jokers Change" will fail.
  • Q. When switched, will the original creature and the new creature be treated as the same creature?
    • A. No, they are different creatures. Continuous effects on the original creature, crossed gears that crossed, etc. won't be inherited by the creature replacing the card.
  • Q. Can I use "Revolution Change and "Jokers Change" at the same time?
    • A. You can't. If you first change the attacking creature, the creature that meets the condition doesn't exist so either the "Revolution Change" or the "Jokers Change" will fail.
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