ジョーカーズ (Jōkāzu)
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Jokers is a colorless beatdown deck type.


Just like Zero Civilization before it, the Jokers Civilization is colorless and thus it can be adapted to many strategies due to its flexibility.

It involves reducing the cost of Jokers with Yattareman then spamming huge amounts of Jokers weenies and either casting Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction while attacking with a weenie, casting Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction with Jolly the Johnny to bypass cards with a Revolution 0 Trigger ability and decks without Shield Trigger creatures, or swarming weenies then breaking all shields with Danganoh, Super Special Q as a One Shot Kill. With the restriction of Nothing Zero, mass break has now shifted to the usage of Jojojo Maximum, which stops spells as well, giving Jokers greater resistance to spell shield triggers and an easier win with Jolly the Johnny. Jhot Gun Joragon joe is also a new finisher which not only costs 1 to summon when you have 6 Jokers in the battlezone, but also adds two cards from your deck to hand and remove potential threats in the process, in addition being a Speed Attacker himself.

It contains very powerful spamming abilities and can break all the opponent's shields very easily, and thus making it extremely fast and can finish games as fast as the fourth turn.

As all of its offensive actions are reliant on playing cards from your hand, it's very weak to Card Discard and has little ways to counter creature shield triggers, which greatly impairs it sometimes. The deck also relies of a large amount of weenies in the field, so a mass removal will hinder its progress greatly.

However, since it only summons creatures for their Real Cost, it has some resistance against anti-metagame cards such as Onikamas, Strange Flow and other Senno, Brainwash. As it can't be destroyed by the Master Breaker keyword, Onikamas prevents Jolly the Johnny from triggering its Alternate Win ability, but otherwise doesn't have much affect on the deck.

After the release of Keshikasu, Vanish King as a promotional card, control versions of the Joker deck started to appear that used a full set of Bainaradoor, Final Stop for defensive usage as well as Helcopta for a Draw Engine, along with Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D to pay for Final Stop's color and provide defense.

Further reinforcements from new sets, including starter decks had resulted in the forgoing of Danganoh, Super Special Q in place for Gunbutler Great Seven giving all the player's creatures Reverse Fury Charge, as well as Jojojo Maximum in place of Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction due to having more synergy with Jokers tactics as well as locking down the opponent's spells. Due to Jojojo Maximum, Final Stop becomes obsolete. Jhot Gun Joragon joe has also been used to remove creatures, giving it more explosive and control powers.


Recommended cards: Reason:
Jolly the Johnny Unblockable creature with speed attacker.
Conditional Alternative Win trigger if your opponent controls no creatures and shields.
Danganoh, Super Special Q Pseudo speed attacker, mass shield break.
Tenkuuoh, Super Extreme Class Neo Creature capable of multiple attacks.
Chomolanmacho Increase power of other creatures.
Golden the Johnny Limits the opponent's spell casting and also removes a card while attacking.
Jhot Gun Joragon joe Decreases its own cost while you have 6 or more Jokers, adds two cards from deck to hand and also potentially removes cards from opponent's field. Speed Attacking Triple Breaker.

Attackers and Removal

Recommended cards: Reason:
Burning Dead Sword Mass removal of resources and draw.
Barrett the Silver Can be put into battle zone for free if your opponent summoned 3 or more creatures this turn
Dotsuking, Three Crown King Draw and pseudo force battle.
Chotto Q Pseudo speed attacker.
Dotsuki Manjiro Tapped removal.
Wasshoi Mantaro Neo Creature, 3 mana double breaker if evolved.
Deck the Decky Neo Creature, can remove lightweave creatures when it attacks.


Recommended cards: Reason:
Yattareman Early progression.
Chocolate House Mana acceleration attack trigger. High power for 2 cost and fast for Niyare Get.
Jojojo Jokers Jokers search.
Pali Nights Mana acceleration.
Senno, Brainwash Anti Invasion/Revolution Change meta.
Batten Oyaji Pseudo blocker.
Dotsuki Manjiro Removes Puchohenza, Mia Moja. Use if you know usage of this card is prevalent.
Tutankhanen Draw.
Todai Sensei Hand replenishment.
Helcopta Draw based on number of Jokers.
The Ramen Vanilla body.

Shield triggers

Recommended cards: Reason:
Baron Gelacho Tap or untap.
Hakushon Mask Destroys small creatures, even if untouchable.
Intense Anger!! Fujiyaman Destroys a creature that costs 3 or less.
Bainaradoor Removal and draw.
Ura NICE Card Draw, or mass removal.
Time Stopon Removal and Super Shield Trigger attack stop.


Recommended cards: Reason:
Niyare Get, Zero Trick Gravity Zero early draw.
Prelude of Horror Bring out Jolly the Johnny faster.
Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction Hall of Fame Attack Chance additional shield break.
Jojojo Maximum Mass break and spell lock during that attack for safer win.
Final Stop Finisher card for control Jokers.

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