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The Joe Era is a period of time in the production and media development of the Duel Masters franchise where Joe Kirifuda is the lead character.

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It features the following blocks of sets:

The products use the following naming scheme:

  • DMRP — Basic Booster Backs
  • DMBD — Theme Decks (not starter decks)
  • DMSD — Starter Decks
  • DMEX — Special Packs
  • DMART — Fabulous Art Packs

During this period of time, it almost exclusively uses the third generation Card Frame.

The highest card rarity is the Master Card, with multiple variations.

During the initial 3 blocks, it was mainly focused on 6 races.

The Twinpact Series block focused on Twinpact cards, cards with a creature and spell half.

The Gacharange Series block focused on card effects and auras that can Gacharange Summon.

The Ten Kings block focused on 2-civilition multicolored races known as "Teams" and "Kingdoms".

The Rise of Kings block focused on Star Evolution Creatures that had the RexStars race, as well as Dispector and Distas.

The Rise of Kings MAX block focused on Tamaseeds, as well as including Star Max Evolution Creature and the Oni RexStars race.

Media Development




  • Specific civilizations were pushed during certain years.
    • (Twinpact Series) 2018 - Nature
    • (Gacharange Series) 2019 - Water
  • The Rise of Kings also celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Duel Masters.