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Joe Era is a period of time in the product and media development of Duel Masters where Joe Kirifuda was the lead character.

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It features the following blocks of sets;

The products use the following naming scheme;

  • DMRP — Basic Booster Backs
  • DMBD — Theme Decks (not starter decks)
  • DMSD — Starter Decks
  • DMEX — Special Packs

During this period of time, it almost exclusively uses the third generation Card Frame.

The highest card rarity is Master Card, with multiple variations.

During the initial 3 blocks, it was mainly focused on 6 races.

Specific civilizations were pushed during certain years.

  • (Twinpact Series) 2018 - Nature
  • (Gacharange Series) 2019 - Water

Media Development


  • Duel Masters (2017)
  • Duel Masters King


  • Duel Masters (2017) (DM)
  • Duel Masters! (Twin)
  • Duel Masters!! (GR)
  • Duel Masters King (TK)