• If you have a D2 Field in the battle zone, this creature's effect can be abused with self removal creatures such as Heavy, Dragon God or Jenny, the Suicide Doll.
  • Creatures which benefit from being destroyed such as Galloween, Super Revenge can also be paired with this creature.
  • Its designer combo with Haridelberg, Hell of D and Darth Sith K, Dark Armor can grant huge field advantage over the opponent with Haridelberg and Jigokushivaku destroying the opponent's creatures and Darth Sith K's self destruction further triggering said effects. More so, more copies of Darth Sith K can be spammed from the graveyard and Jigokushivaku also has a draw effect.
    • Besides Haridelberg, this creature also has synergy with Overkill Graveyard as you self sacrifice smaller creatures in battle via Slayer.

Jigokushivaku, D2K
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