Jhot Gun Joragon
Jhot Gun Joragon in 2D.jpg
Civilization(s) Jokers J.png
Affiliation Joe Kirifuda, Deckie, Jokers
Voice Actor 小林親弘
Chikahiro Kobayashi

Jhot Gun Joragon was one of Joe Kirifuda's main Jokers and ace creature in the Twinpact Arc of the 3rd generation of Duel Masters.


Due to Joe's determination in bringing back the dragons like how his father and uncle having dragon companions and obession with cowboys, Joe designs him to resemble a gunner dragon.

Due to being brought to existance as a new dragon naturally materialized by Deckie, this resulted in most of the creatures and even duelists from the new era to be shocked. Intially he's unable to talk, starting off with roaring. After being able to talk, he's quite a stubborn dragon, as he refuses to remain as a card in prolonged time periods and prefers to stay in his physical form. 

Joragon is also selfless and loyal to Joe. When the Darkness Civilization continues to ravage the creature world, he's willing to assume a more powerful form for the sake of even the odds of the battle for Joe.


Duel Masters (2017)

Jhot Gun Joragon drawn by Joe

Joe first drew Joragon as one of the first new dragons after his father's era. As Deckie had trained to his limit to force create dragons, Joe feeds Joragon's drawing into Deckie. However as Joragon refuses to come out, this prompts Joe,Boltz and the Jokers to pull him out within Deckie's inner dimension. 

Duel Masters!

Joragon continues to be Joe's ace creature over the course of the seasons. In his first debut in the creature lands, Joragon reveals that he can materialize outside of the Duel Table projections, as he appears in his physical form just to squash Kuromame Danshaku in a "Direct Attack".

Duel Masters!!

Jogiragon in the anime.jpg

Knowing the stakes and risks having to take in order to save the entire creature world, Joragon sneaks off Joe's deck to meet Cap. With Cap's help, he evolves into a more feral form reminiscent of the dragons from Katta and Shobu's time, coming in time to save Joe from the enemy. However, due to evolving into its feral form, Joragon was unable to control his wild nature, attacking friend or foe alike.

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