Jack Valdy beatdown
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Jack Valdy beatdown is a beatdown deck type.


It revolves around the effects of Jack Valdy, the Everlasting as well as bringing it out quick for an efficient beatdown.

It is a Darkness and Fire civilization deck that commonly uses the Water Civilization.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Jack Valdy, the Everlasting Core card.
Jasper, the Stubborn
Melnia, the Aqua Shadow
Tragic Iolite
Vorg, Brawler of Hell
Gonta, the Warrior Savage
Tsukkomi Panda Deis
Pipippi, Electro-Riser
Evolution sources.

Other card candidates

Recommended cards: Reason
Emperor Marco Powerful draw
Roubanrei of Impact /GENJI Boy Blocker removal
Qurian Draw
Muramasa's Socket /Piara Heart Shield trigger removal
Aqua Surfer Shield trigger removal
Max, Crimson Blade Lord Pseudo-speed attacker and removal
Huckle Kirin Sawyer, Jungle Governor Pseudo-speed attacker
Metal Claw, Mobile Battle Dragon Over-drive
Born Killer, Masked Mecha Evolution bait 
Fuuma Bajir, Soul Weapon Evolution bait
Galek, the Shadow Warrior Evolution bait
Lucky Ball Draw
Kuragen Searches for Jack Valdy
Genius Janit, of the Hidden Blade Ninja strike bounce
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