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Isomorphic Resale
同型再販 (Dōkei Saihan)
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Isomorphic Resale refers to cards that are functional reprints (near-exact copies of each other), however feature a different race.


While they perform the same way in general gameplay, there are corner cases where a differing version of the card could prove more useful.

Using cards that have different names (such as Yattar Wan, Adventuring Fox, Dreaming Moon Knife and Poisonous Mushroom) can help to avoid The Grave of Angels and Demons from removing all copies that you control. Many vanilla creatures feature also isomorphic resale versions such as Burning Mane and Scowling Tomato.

Differently raced/named creatures can also be used to draw additional cards with Shaman Totem or to avoid Persistent Prison of Gaia.


Light.png Light Civilization

Water.png Water Civilization

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization

Fire.png Fire Civilization

Nature.png Nature Civilization