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Invasion is a keyword exclusive to evolution creatures with the Invader race.


It enables an Evolution Creature to be put into the battle zone when one of your creatures of a specific civilization and race attack. It enables high-power evolution creatures to be sent to the battle zone at the start of the game attacking the opponent right away when it is put into the battle zone. It does not count as Summoning, as the text does not say "Summon".

Multiple uses of Invasion

Multiple Invasion enables more than one Evolution Creature to be put in the battle zone on the same base creature. This can happen only if the base creature and each of the evolution creatures meet each other's evolution requirements. For example:

Remember to only use multiple Invasion abilities of creatures that have Come Into Play effects, or to cover a creature with a come into play effect with a creature that won't become dead weight after it gets put into the battle zone.

Good examples include:

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Invasion reads;

Invasion—RACE (When one of your RACE attack, you may put this creature from your hand onto it.)


6 Redzone, Roaring Invasion
Fire / Evolution Creature
Sonic Command + Invader


■ Evolution—Put on one of your fire creatures.

Invasion—Fire command (When one of your Fire commands attack, you may put this creature from your hand onto it.)

■ Triple breaker

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy all of your opponent's creatures that have the highest power.


Cards with the Invasion ability


  • Q: How do you use Invasion?
    • A: Whenever one of your creatures attacks, you may declare the use of an invasion ability put a card that has an invasion ability corresponding to the requirements listed on the card from your hand on top of that creature. You do not need to pay it's cost.
  • Q: When my attacking creature is blocked, can I use Invasion?
    • A: No, you can't. Invasion is declared at the start of an attack, so if the attack follows through or is blocked, invasion can't be used. You must choose to use the Invasion ability before the attack step where your opponent chooses to block you.
  • Q: Can you use Invasion multiple times?
    • A: Yes. If you fulfill the requirements, you can use Invasion multiple times. Then, come into play effects resolve after you use all of the invasion abilities. After all of the cards are put into the battle zone, if you get more cards with invasion, you can't use their invasion abilities.
  • Q:My Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious attacks. can I use a Darkness, Fire and Nature invasion card at the same time?
    • A: Yes, but the first card changes the civilization of the creature. The other cards do not get put into the battle zone after that and are returned to your hand.

Color percentages

There are a total of 46 cards with the Invasion ability, which divide by civilization as such:

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