Intense World Control
激天下コントロール (Geki Tenka Kontorōru)
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Intense World Control is a combo control deck type.


It is focused on the reanimation abilities of Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser which was also known in the past as Shachihoko Spring.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser Core card.
Phal Pierro, Apocalyptic Guardian
Jenny, the Suicide Doll
Jasmine, Mist Faerie
Creatures to be destroyed for the loop.
Dark Lupia Strong removal.
Poppi Lucky
Pure Cat
Make Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser unchoosable.
Poppo "Yatarou" Pappi
Eat Cycle Mushroom
Save Shachihoko Kaiser.
Hyperspatial Revive Hole
Hyperspatial Emperor Hole
Hyperspatial Shiny Hole
Hyperspatial Dravita Hole
Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole
Hyperspatial Musha Hole
Hyperspatial Shachihoko Hole
Hyperspatial spells.
Death Gate, Gate of Hell Untapped removal and reanimation.
Triple Revival Resurrection Reanimate three weenies.
Unified Shachihoko Kaiser Further synergy with creature self-destruction.
Valhalla Knight, Domination Dragon Elemental Strong freeze synergy with weenies.
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