Initiate rush
イニシエート 速攻 (Inishiēto Sokkō)
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Initiate rush is a rush deck type.


It is a deck type that originally appeared in Fighting Spirit Saga. It involved Miele, Vizier of Lightning, Sarius, Vizier of Suppression and Craze Valkyrie, the Drastic with "tap and destroy" strategies. However, the deck type died out in popularity.

In the Episode 3 block, Silence Topaz appeared. It is often featured in a Mono-Light rush deck.

A hopeful early play would be a turn 1 Rapudo, Vizier of Cool Winds or Rhapsody, Defender of Hope followed by a turn 2 Acroite, Start Dash. Acroites ability then allows you to summon Silence Topaz on turn 3 by evolving it over the Rapudo or Rhapsody.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Silence Topaz Key Card

Creature Candidates

Recommended creatures: Reason:
Rhapsody, Guard of Hope
Rapudo, Vizier of Cool Winds
Cheap 1 cost creatire.
Acroite, Start Dash Cost reduction.
Ignatchio, Vizier of Herculean Strength +2000 for each of your initiates in the battle zone.
Notre Dame, Vizier of Illusion Shield 2/3000 creature with blocker that can attack.
Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal Prevents shield trigger spells.
Schreiber, Vizier of Strictness Non-light spells cost 2 more to cast.
Miele, Vizier of Lightning Creature Tapper.
Gunes Valkyrie, Holy Vizier Cheap-evolution. Creature Tapper.
Glais Mejicula, the Extreme Cheap-evolution. Anti-shield loss.

Creature Candidates

Recommended spells: Reason:
Heaven's Thunder Increase power and allows your creatures that have blocker to attack.
Quick Spark Taps all your opponent's creatures that cost 6 or less.
Super Spark Taps all your opponent's creatures.

Due to the spell-locking abilities of Topaz and Sagrada, you can often safely attack without worry for Shield Trigger spells. However, it doesn't offer protection from Shield Trigger creatures.

Topaz also can prevent your opponent from casting spells such as a Hyperspatial and putting a stronger creature into the battle zone.

It provides good defense against Rush deck types due to the Blockers it features and Spark spells.

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