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Japanflag.png イニシャルズ
Phonetic: Inisharuzu
Released In: DMR-19 Forbidden Dokindam X
Civilization(s): Light / Water / Darkness / Fire / Nature
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Category: Initials

Initials is a race of creature shared between each of the 5 monocolored civilizations.


Creatures with this race are labelled with different Initials based on their race and civilizations.

Light.png Light Civilization

  • A faction of them are led by Angel Commands and followed by Starlight Trees and are based on Psychedelic drugs. They have a strategy that involves blockers and shield adding for extra wins. These are led by Heavy Pop, D2P are labelled with P.
  • Another faction are led by Angel Commands and followed by Justice Wings and are based on Jurisdiction. They focus on disabling the opponent's creatures and sending them into the Shield Zone. These are led by Jelvis, D2J and Vizenma, D2J2 and are labeled with J.

Water.png Water Civilization

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization

Fire.png Fire Civilization

  • A faction of them are based on Mafia and are led by Flame Commands and followed by Human Bakus. They have a strategy on battling opposing creatures. These are led by Godfather, D2G and are labelled with G.

Nature.png Nature Civilization

  • A faction of them are based on Enka and Japanese festivals and are led by Mystery Totems and followed by Snow Faerie Kaze. These are led by Yaw Sark, D2Y and have a focus on summoning creatures from the mana zone. They are labelled with Y.
    • Another faction is based on Babies and are all cost 1 Milkboy creatures that are put into the battle zone tapped and do not untap until requirements meet. These are led by Bubble, D2B and are labelled with B.

Darkness.pngFire.png Darkness Fire Civilization

List of Initials by civilization

Civilization: Letter: Paired Race: Master Initials: Character:
Light.png Light Civilization P Angel Command
Starlight Tree
Heavy Pop, D2P Rokuro
J Angel Command
Justice Wing
Jelvis, D2J
Vizenma, D2J2
Officer Serious
Water.png Water Civilization S Magic Command
Liquid People Sen
King Walsura, D2S Ijiwaru Kiyomori
W Sonic Command
Magic Command
Wild Speed, D2W
Giga Speed, D2W2
Number 2
Darkness.png Darkness Civilization K Demon Command
Dark Knightmare
Jigokushivaku, D2K
Kill the Borof, Rebellion of K
Fire.png Fire Civilization G Flame Command
Human Baku
Godfather, D2G Ari Kamone
Nature.png Nature Civilization Y Mystery Totem
Snow Faerie Kaze
Yaw Sark, D2Y Domyoji-Gonzaburo
B Milkboy Bubble, D2B Ta-Kun
Darkness.pngFire.png Darkness Fire: V Sonic Command Forbidden Voltron, D2-V
Forbidden Gigatron, D2V2
M Demon Command Dragon
Demon Dragon
Team Acme
Magurakazura, D2M
Doguraeater, D2M2
Utsubomi Kazura
X Sonic Command
Magic Command
Guerrilla Command
Dokindam BLACK
ZERO Sonic Command
Invader ZERO
Blackout, ZERO Invasion Basara


They are creatures that are created to serve Dokindam X.

At the end of Revolution Final, only the initials of M, W, and Initials X creatures remained and they were all defeated by the 4 Revolutionary teams. After the destruction of Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon, they were never heard from again.


The race was mainly used by the Rare Killers, a dark organization who plans to take all rare cards as sacrifices for Dokindam X.


Some of the Darkness / Fire Initials that follow Dokindam X feature his spears in the text box instead of the usual civilization symbol.

In Revolution, they have effects that support Dokindam and are predominantly exclusive to the Fire Civilization.

In Revolution Final, they had spread to all civilizations and unlike the Invader rush strategies such as Redzone, they also played a more control stance that relied on the use of D2 Fields to control the battle zone and wipe out the opponent's creatures, which gives them a balance between offense and defense. Many of them featured various strategies based on the Master Initials they follow in the background story.

Race Category

Other Initials races include;



Cards that support Initials

Support Card: Card Effect:
Forbidden Gigatron, D2V2 ■ Whenever this creature attacks, reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a D2 Field, Initials or Sonic Command, add it to your hand. If you have a D2 Field in the battle zone, you may put it into the battle zone instead.
Dormageddon Bigbang ■ Put a non-evolution darkness or fire Command or Initials from your graveyard into the battle zone. That creature gets "speed attacker" until the end of the turn.