Information Advantage
情報アドバンテージ (Jōhō Adobantēji)
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Information Advantage is an Advantage term for the knowledge of non-public information such as you or your opponents hand, deck or shields.


You can learn this information advantage in the following ways;

While it provides no direct Field Advantage or Hand Advantage, it is important as it can affect how your play around your opponents cards as you can predict some of his actions.

  • Example 1: If your opponent has 2 shields, while you have Bolshack Dragon and 2 Cocco Lupia in the battle zone. If you know that a Burst Shot is in your opponents shields, there is a chance you can have a Direct Attack by having your Cocco Lupia attack first. Conversely, if you know that Terror Pit is in his shields, you can have a direct attack by letting your Bolshack Dragon attack first.
  • Example 2: If you have an Emperor Marco in the battle zone, and you know that your opponent has a Hanzou, Menacing Phantom in his hand, you can choose to withhold an attack.

In the Psychic Shock, it was important to know this information due to Rumble, Temporal Sage requiring knowledge of the bottom of a deck, as well as the Chain keyword requiring knowledge of the top card of your deck.

  • Various cards can use other cards from a non-public zone such as your shields or the top of the deck, creating a large importance.
    • However, some cards such as Hogan Blaster shuffle the deck before their effect to negate this.
  • In a broad sense, cards with Ninja Strike or Secret Clocktower can be seen as information advantage.
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