Infinity Power Attacker
Japanflag インフィニティパワーアタッカー
DMR-09 Episode 3: Rage vs God
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Infinity Power Attacker is an Infinite keyword exclusive to cards in the Fire Civilization.


While it is only featured on two creatures; Katsuking, Kung Fu Shogun and Crossfire, Infinity, the keyword ability can be given to any creature by using Ultimate Outrage Legend.

It is actually a weaker version of Win All Battles and said Win All Battles can still make a creature with Infinity Power Attacker lose the battle.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Infinity Power Attacker reads;

Infinity Power Attacker (While attacking, this creatures has infinite power.)


8 Katsuking, Kung Fu Shogun
Fire / Exile Creature
Outrage MAX


■ Speed attacker ■ Double breaker

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, this creature can attack untapped creatures until the end of the turn.

■ Whenever this creature wins a battle, break a shield.

Infinity Power Attacker (While attacking, this creatures has infinite power.)

■ Doron Go: When this creature is destroyed, you may put an exile creature that has "Kung Fu" in its name from your hand into the battle zone.

■ You can't put other exile creatures that have "Kung Fu" in their name into the battle zone.


Cards with the Infinity Power Attacker ability


  • A creature that has infinite power doesn't win a battle a creature that can Win All Battles.

Color percentages

There are a total of 2 cards with the Infinity Power Attacker ability, which divide by civilization as such:

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