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Infinite Master Dragon
Japanflag.png ∞マスター・ドラゴン
Genmu Emperor, Infinite Dragon DMEX-14 secret artwork.jpg
Phonetic: ∞ Masutā Doragon
Released In: DMSD-16 King Master Start Deck: Zero Jr.'s Mugen Climb
DMRP-15 Phantom Dragon x Swift Attack Genmu Emperor!!!
Civilization(s): WaterWater.png
Darkness Darkness.png
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Category: Infinite Master Dragon

Infinite Master Dragon is a race of creature in the Water and Darkness civilizations.


This race has an associated keyword, Mugen Climb.

It is associated with Team Zero.

It is used by Zero Jr.


See also: Support for Dragon creatures

Infinite Master Dragons are affected by all cards that affect Dragons, but there are currently no cards or evolution creatures that specify Infinite Master Dragons.