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Infinite Attacker
げんアタッカー (Mugen Atakkā)
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Infinite Attacker is a term given to a creature that has the ability to untap when it attacks.

"Mugen Palm" type

This type of infinite attacker untaps if you win a battle.

Although it can be a powerful ability, you can't make use of it if you can't battle your opponent's creatures.

It is also important to be on a high power creature or to have an ability to Win All Battles.

It is named after the Fists of Forever spell.

List of "Fists of Forever" type cards



Cross Gear

Psychic Creature

Similar Abilities

Infinite Attack Type

These cards have the ability to untap when they attack of certain conditions are satisfied, such as Adge, Emperor of the Gods.

Since there is no limit to the number of attacks that may be performed, you should be able to win if your opponent is unable to deal with the ability. This can include

  • Removing the attacker, or tapping it.
  • Winning the battle against it, or a creature that has Slayer and Blocker.
  • An "Infinite Blocker" ability.
  • Abilities that prevent attacks.

If a creature has removal tolerance such as Unchoosable or Unblockable, some of these methods will be ineffective.

List of "infinite attack" type cards

Can Untap after attack

Conditionally untap

No conditions to untap