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鼓動こどう (Kodō)
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Impulse is a card type.


It only exists as Double Sided Cards, and only with the Forbidden Supertype as Forbidden Impulse.

The card frame has triangular corners, common with other Forbidden Creatures that utilize seals.

While they are a double-faced card type, they aren't part of the 8 card limit of the hyperspatial zone and are counted in the 40 cards of the main deck.

4 Forbidden ~Moment of Awakening~
FireFire.png / Forbidden Impulse

■ At the start of the game, include this card into the 5 cards in your hand.

■ This impulse is put into the battle zone with 4 seals on it.

■ Forbidden Liberate — When this card has all seals removed, flip it.

When you put them into the battle zone, they always have a specified number of seals put onto them.

This is the first card type that has cards with a mana cost as well as without one (on Forbidden ~The Sealed X~), depending on the card. Forbidden ~Moment of Awakening~ is currently the only impulse that can be played from the hand.