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This is a Vanilla card.
Immortal Baron, Vorg
Immortal Baron, Vorg
Civilization: Fire Fire
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 2
Race: Human
Power: 2000
Flavor Texts: "You see? The one who wins is the one who has the bigger weapon." 「わかるか。相手よりでかい武器を持ってるやつが勝つんだよ。」 —Immortal Baron, Vorg (DM-01/DMC-01)
「何でも話せる相棒に出会えたことを心から感謝しているさ。」 "I'm truly grateful to have met a partner with whom I can talk about anything." —Mini Titan Gett (DM-18, DMS-05)
遥かな年月を経て、あの伝説の男が帰ってきたぁぁぁぁ! ""After countless years, that legendary man has returned!"" —炎舌実況ミラクル・ショー (DM-33)
毎ターン 、 クリーチャーを出し続けるのが、勝利への近道! "The shortcut to victory is to keep producing creatures every turn!" —Immortal Baron, Vorg (SpDeck)
あ゛~~~~~ -ゾンビーくん&不死身男爵ボーグ ""Aaaahhhhhh!" -Zombie-kun and Immortal Baron, Vorg! (SpDeck3)
ガンガン攻撃して「鬼タイム」でパワーアップしたクリーチャーの力で敵を蹴散らす! それがこのデッキの戦略だ!! "Relentlessly attack and scatter enemies with the power of creatures powered up by 'Onitime'! That's the strategy of this deck!" (SpDeck8)
クリーチャーで相手のシールドをすべてブレイクしてダイレクトアタック! これがデュエマのキホン! とにかくクリーチャーをならべまくれ! "Break all your opponent's shields with creatures and go for a direct attack! That's the basics of Duel Masters! Just keep lining up creatures!" (Gum1)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrators: Dustmoss
Toshiaki Takayama
koji nishino
Other Card Information: