IFormulaX-tra Win
(Formula Extra Win)
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iFormulaX-tra Win is a combo deck type.


It intends to draw many cards in order to fulfill the winning game requirement of Codename iFormulaX.

7 Codename iFormulaX
Water / Creature
Great Mecha King / Unknown


■ At the end of your turn, if this creature is tapped and you have 10 or more cards in your hand, you win the game.

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

1 Dondon Hitting Now
Nature / Spell

Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it immediately for no cost.)

■ Tap one of your creatures. Until the start of your next turn, each of your opponent's creatures must attack the creature tapped in this way if able. If a water or darkness creature was tapped in this way, you may draw a card.

This can be done with many mass draw cards such as Parlock's Miracle Fever, Siege Network of Knowledge and Ghastly Drain.

There are many types of this deck that have spawned over the course of the Episode 2 and Episode 3 metagame.

Recommended cards

Recommended card: Reason:
Codename iFormulaX Cores of the deck.
Dondon Hitting Now Tap your own Codename iFomulaX.

Types of iFormulaX-tra Win decks

Large Card Draw Spell

It is the most obvious type of combo for the deck, based on spells that can draw a large number of cards at once.

Spells such as Parlock's Miracle Fever, Siege Network of Knowledge and Darkpact can be used to draw a large number of cards at once. With Miracle Fever, a focus on the deck being mainly single-copy of multiple cards to increase the amount of cards drawn can be used, as well as Dondon Vacuuming Now and Lifeplan Charger to set up the bottom card of your deck.

Siege Network can be used with heavyweight Zenith creatures such as Radio Roses, Zenith of "Wisdom" to draw 10~ cards at once.

Card Candidates

Recommended card: Reason:
Parlock's Miracle Fever Hall of Fame, Strong draw.
Siege Network of Knowledge Strong draw.
Darkpact Aids draw consistently.
Rasha, Satori's Wanderer Helps iFormulaX get tapped.
Dondon Vacuuming Now
Lifeplan Charger
Card advantage and search.
Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler Deckout prevention.
Aurora of Reversal
Hurricane Crawler
Combo draw.

Giovanni Gift

This variant uses the spell recovery effect of Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King as well as Sir Leopol Deenay, the Ice Fang and Matthew Stewart, Wild Beast as card draw and mana acceleration engines. It also uses Faerie Gift, Guard Grip and Dondon Hitting Now.

Due to the restriction of Faerie Gift and the banning of Giovanni the 10th, this deck's concept has been broken.

Card Candidates

Recommended card: Reason:
Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King Premium Hall of Fame Returning 1 cost spells.
Sir Leopol Deenay, the Ice Fang Card Draw engine.
Faerie Gift Hall of Fame 1 cost spell, reduces the cost of your creatures by 3.
Matthew Stewart, Wild Beast Mana Acceleration engine.

Great Mecha King

This version intends to use Greatmarch Energy while you have multiple Great Mecha King in the battle zone to draw additional cards.

Rescue Space, Emergency Mecha is used as cost reduction, while other Great Mecha Kings are used as draw searches. With enough in the battle zone, Greatmarch Energy is then cast drawing you enough cards to win. Codename iFormulaX's is also reduced by Rescue Space.

Recommended card: Reason:
Greatmarch Energy Core of the deck.
Rescue Space, Emergency Mecha Cost reduction.
Chivalrous Robo Gentleman
Mecha Machine, Secret Fusion
Patrol Function, Special Police Mecha
Piccoli Coilinger, Electro-Machine King
Oboro Kagerou, Moonlight Mecha
Draw and discard.

Melge Loop One-Shot

The deck uses Aqua Melge and Moors, the Dirty Digger Puppet for an infinite draw combo.

Marshall Queen beatdown

It is a Marshall Beatdown that uses infinite draw for a loop.

  • 1) Put Cool Beauty, Heaven's Gate and Switch Reincarnation into your shields and then back into your hand with Marshall Queen
  • 2) With Heavens Gate, put Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom and Truename Baulion into the battle zone.
  • 3) Use Switch Reincarnation on Truename Baulion and return it to your hand. Put Marshal Queen into the battle zone over a Cool Beauty.
  • 4) Draw 2 cards from Lord Reis.
  • 5) Cool Beauty resolves and Marshall Queen is bounced.
  • 6) Truename Baulion resolves, and Heaven's Gate and Switch Reincarnation can be recovered from your graveyard. After these steps, Cool Beauty, Heaven's Gate, Switch Reincarnation and a Truename Baulion are all returned to your hand.
  • 7) Marshall Queen is resolved. Repeat 1 to 6 while continuing to draw extra cards from Lord Reis.
  • 8) After you have 10 or more cards, you can use Marshall Queen with Heaven's Gate, Switch Reincarnation and Dondon Hitting Now.
  • 9) Heaven's Gate brings out Truename Baulion.
  • 10) Reincarnation Switch on Truename Baulion brings out Codename iFormulaX.
  • 11) Use Dondon Hitting Now on Codename iFormulaX to tap it, and end of your turn.

If your opponent played a card such as Magnum, Allshot Puppet, you can try to remove it with Cool Beauty and Spiral Gate first.

Recommended card: Reason:
Marshall Queen Key combo piece.
Cool Beauty Self Bounce.
Heaven's Gate Brings out creatures with Blocker for no cost.
Switch Reincarnation Swaps creatures in the battle zone.
Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom Card Draw.
Truename Baulion Spell Recovery.

Lalala Optimus type

This type uses an infinite mana loop involving the spell recovery and mana acceleration abilities or Deis Optimus, the Invincible, Lalala Life, Faerie Trick and Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie. However, this has become harder to pull off due to the restriction of Deis Optimus.

Recommended card: Reason:
Deis Optimus, the Invincible
Lalala Life, Faerie Trick
Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie
Mana acceleration combo.
Divine Riptide Mass draw from your mana zone.

Q.E.D type

This deck aims to use Q.E.D., Dragon Elemental King to cast expensive cards such as Divine Riptide and Invincible Technology for no cost, adding more than 10 cards to your hand.

Card Candidates

Recommended card: Reason:
Q.E.D., Dragon Elemental King Play spells or creatures for no cost.
Divine Riptide Total Zone Reset. Leaves you with large hand.
Invincible Technology Limitless card draw.

Cg Daisharin type

This deck was introduced in the Duel Masters Deck Development SAGE Volume 9.

It uses Cg Daisharin, Dragment Symbol and Siren Concerto as a spell casting loop, where you may draw cards with Sir Leopol Deenay, the Ice Fang.

Card Candidates

Recommended card: Reason:
Cg Daisharin, Dragment Symbol Gives spells charger.
Siren Concerto Mana Recovery.
Sir Leopol Deenay, the Ice Fang Card Draw.
Divine Riptide Field reset. Leaves you with a large hand, and 1 mana with Daisharin in the battle zone.


All Types

  • Due to potential removal from Shield Trigger abilities or Ninja Strike, it is not recommended to ever attack with Codename iFormulaX and only focus on using the Alternate Win ability with Dondon Hitting Now. As the trigger for the alternate win only occurs once at the end of your turn, this can be prevented by Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility. Oni "Champion", Victory Twelve can also prove troublesome.

Large Card Draw Spell

Giovanni Gift

Gaga Last Mysterica

Great Mecha King

Melge Loop

Marshall Queen

  • This version requires multiple cards for the combo,

It requires the following 7 cards in your hand, as well as a Splash Queen in the battle zone and 3 cards in your mana zone. Cards such as Submarine Fortress Lair for additional card draw each turn can be essential.

Also, Magnum, Allshot Puppet can prevent you from looping with Marshall Queen.

LaLaLa Optimus

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