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Hypersprint Warrior Uzesol
Hypersprint Warrior Uzesol
Civilization: Fire Fire
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 4
Race: Armorloid
English Text:

Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)

Power attacker +4000 (While attacking, this creature gets +4000 power.)

Japanese Text:

■ スピードアタッカー(このクリーチャーは召喚酔いしない)

■ パワーアタッカー+4000(攻撃中、このクリーチャーのパワーは+4000される)

Power: 1000+
Flavor Texts: "It's amazing - it's faster than the speed of time!" -Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity (DM-12)
誰よりも早く。音すら遅れてやってくる。Faster than anyone else. Even sound arrives late. (DM-12, DMC-25)
もう止まれない! どっちを見ても強敵だらけ! "I can't stop anymore! No matter where I look, there are enemies everywhere!" (P24/Y3)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Miya
Other Card Information: