Hyperspatial Zone
超次元ゾーン (Chō Jigen Zōn)
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The Hyperspatial Zone is a new game-play zone introduced in DM-36 Psychic Shock.


This zone is placed to the right of the graveyard, and is considered to be a separate deck from the main deck. It can contain between 0-8 cards, and doesn't count towards the regular 40 card deck limit that the main deck does.

Hyperspatial Zone

Only Psychic Creatures may be placed in this deck, and they can only be put into play (never "summoned") by casting various spells such as Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole or by using creature's abilities such as Super Psychen Pippi that specifically allow you to place a Psychic creature into the battle zone.

Whenever a Psychic Creature would leave the battle zone, it is returned to the Hyperspatial Zone and can only return to the battle zone by being put into play by another effect that specifies so. At no time can a Psychic Creature remain anywhere except for the Battle Zone or Hyperspatial Zone. When leaving the battle zone for a non-Hyperspatial Zone, the Psychic Creature will briefly inhabit whatever alternative zone it was trying to move to before immediately relocating to the Hyperspatial zone, so effects that look for a creature entering the graveyard, for example, will see the creature enter the graveyard, but a Grave evolution card could never find a Psychic Creature residing in a graveyard long enough to be able to use it as evolution material.

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