Human Baku
Japanflag ヒューマノイドバク
Phonetic: Hyūmanoido Baku
Released In: DMR-12 Episode 3: Omega Climax
Civilization(s): Fire
Group of Races: Human
Japanese Wiki: 7163
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Human Baku is a race of creature in the Fire Civilization.


Human Baku creatures are named after brands of Whisky. The "Glenmalt" family of cards is named after Malt Whisky, and the "Maccalan" series is named after the Maccalan brand.

Invader Human Baku feature 音速 (Onsoku, Sonic) in their name.


They often feature the Mana Arms ability, or is mixed with the Draguner race and are able to put Draghearts into the battle zone.


They are Humans who wear armor and wield weapons that mimic Dragons

They wear less armor then the original Human creatures and seems to rarely use firearms as weapons.

The "Baku" in their name could be a reference to Onimaru "Explosion", Golden Age, but their relationship with said creature is unknown.

In Revolution they act as Invaders who follow the Sonic Commands. They tend to have high-tech equipment that do not appear in their usual counterparts.


See: Human

Human Baku are affected by all cards that affect Humans, but currently there are no cards or evolution creatures that specify Human Baku.





  • This race and Liquid People Sen were the first 2 races to feature Kanji in their race name.
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