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Holy Spark
ホーリー・スパーク (Hōrī Supāku)
Holy Awe artwork.jpg
Released: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
Civilization: Light Light.png
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Category for Holy Spark
For the card with the same Japanese name, see Holy Awe.

Holy Spark is a Name Category of Light Civilization spells.


It was first introduced with Holy Awe (Holy Spark) in DM-01 Base Set.

It is a subset of the Spark template.

  • Therefore, Holy Spark cards are also all Light Civilization spells with the ​Shield Trigger Shield Trigger ability. Spells in this Spark category feature effects that tap creatures.

List of Holy Spark cards



Cards that support the Holy Spark category

Support Card: Card Effect:
Alca Kid, Holy Elemental ■ Whenever you cast Holy Awe, you may summon an evolution creature that has "Lord of Spirits" in its name from your hand for no cost.


Holy Awe.jpg

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